Acosta Gets Into Sparring Match With White House Press Secretary Over Doctored Video

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta is taking a pounding after his most recent tantrum because of a tweet from President Donald Trump.

The president tweeted a tongue in cheek video titled “Another Day in Trump’s America,” which showed a fake chyron that read “Trump’s Fault? White Man In MAGA Hat Attacks Black Uber Driver,” CNN reported.

The video was a staged scene showing a white man in a Make America Great Again hat helping a black Uber driver who was stuck in the snow.

“People always ask. ‘what does it mean to make American great again?’” the narrator said as the scene in the video unfolded.

“It means to make America a better place than it was the day before,” he said as the scene came to an end.

“Straight out of 1984,” Acosta said. “This Trump tweet is not only bizarre. It’s bogus. I never did a live shot on this so obviously the chyron is a fake.”

Acosta took his argument to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany who crushed him and his temper tantrum.

“Last night, the president tweeted out some fake videos, one of which was labeled ‘manipulated media’ by Twitter,” the reporter said.

“Why is the president sharing fake videos on Twitter about two toddlers who are obviously showing a lot of love for one another? It seems as though he is exploiting children to make some sort of point,” he said, The Washington Times reported.

“He was making a point about CNN specifically,” the press secretary said in response to the question on Friday.

“He was making a point that CNN has regularly taken him out of context,” she said. “That in 2019, CNN misleadingly aired a clip from one viewpoint repeatedly, to falsely accuse the Covington boys of being ‘Students in MAGA gear harassing a Native American elder.’”

“That’s a harassing video, a misleading video about children that had really grave consequences for their future,” she said of the incident in 2019 in which Covington Catholic High School students and Omaha Tribe elder Nathan Phillips got into an altercation at the Lincoln Memorial.

CNN eventually settled a $275 million lawsuit with the main student in the video, Nicholas Sandmann, who sued other networks and media personalities.

But that answer did not satisfy Acosta as he continued with his rant.

“So you’re saying it is OK to exploit to toddlers hugging one another on to make some sort of political point?” he said. “As you know, the president has described members of the press as fake news during the course of this administration. When you share a vague video like that, doesn’t that make you fake news?”

“I think the president was making satirical point that was quite funny if you go and actually watch the video,” McEnany said. “The point was it was a play on CNN reportedly taking the repeatedly taking him out of context.”

He then began to insinuate the president has racist policies and that got McEnany furious.

“That is an absurd attempt to justify the misleading headlines that are regularly on your network,” McEnany said. “I was just walking in watching CNN as they applauded the ‘Rallies in the streets,.”

Acosta interrupted her again but McEnany hit him back.

“You got to let me finish, Jim, this isn’t a cable news segment,” she said. “I’m answering your question right now from the White House podium.”