Adam Schiff Begs For Mercy – Offers Trump Last Minute ‘Deal’

Shifty Adam Schiff, the House impeachment manager and Democrat representative from California, has had a mental breakdown.

He has been destroyed by the attorneys for President Donald Trump and, when he knew he was going to be defeated, he offered a last-minute deal to them.

Schiff knew when Sen. Lamar Alexander hinted that he was voting against having new witnesses the best he could get was a 50 – 50 tie.

“I will make an offer to opposing counsel, who have said that this will stretch on indefinitely if you decide to have a single witness,” Schiff said. “Let’s cap the depositions to one week.”’

“In the Clinton trial, there was one week of depositions, and you know what the Senate did during that week? They did the business of the Senate,” he said.

“The Senate went back to its ordinary legislative business while the depositions were being conducted. You want the Clinton model? Let’s use the Clinton model. Let’s take a week. Let’s take a week to have a fair trial.

“You can continue your business, we can get the business of the country done,” he said. “Is that too much to ask in the name of fairness? That we follow the Clinton model? That we take one week? I mean, are we really driven by the timing of the State of the Union, should that be our guiding principle?” Schiff said.

“Can’t we take one week to hear from these witnesses?” the representative said. “I think we can. I think we should. I think we must.”

It was hours later that Sen. Alexander made his decision official and then, hours after that, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski ended it by announcing that she would vote the same as Alexander.

The next day the Senate had the vote and it was decided, by a 51 – 49 margin, that there would be no new witnesses and documents.

The push for new witnesses was never about fairness. It was never about justice. It was never even about finding new information that would be helpful to the senators.

The only thing Schiff and his cohorts wanted to do was bring in disgruntled former employees of President Trump, like former Ambassador John Bolton, to knock the president.

And it was not about having President Trump convicted. The chances of that happening have been infinitesimal from the start.

It was about getting soundbites that could be used in the 2020 presidential election. And to abuse their power in the House, and millions of dollars of American taxpayers’ funds to do it, is shameful.