Adam Schiff Says During Interview That Mueller ‘Was Not The Man I Knew’ During Testimony

The Mueller investigation and report was supposed to be the Democrats ace in the hole to end the presidency of President Donald Trump.

For near two years the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller dragged on and Rep. Adam Schiff told anyone who would listen that he had evidence of Russian collusion with the campaign of President Trump.

But when the Mueller report did not give the Democrats the ammunition they needed against the president they decided to call Mueller as a witness.

What transpired on the day of his testimony was a debacle that made their case look even more ridiculous than it had before.

That did not stop the Democrats from proceeding with impeachment. They claimed that Mueller was a strong witness in spite of what Americans watched on their televisions.

But now Rep. Schiff’s secret has ben revealed. He knew Mueller was a weak, disaster of a witness the entire time.

“I have known Bob Mueller for a long time. I have tremendous respect for him. I think he is just an amazing human being and public servant,” Schiff said in a Daily Beast podcast last week.

He was not the man that I knew just in terms of his strength of presence, and so it was quite surprising.”

Pretend Republican and political consultant Rick Wilson, who is one of the hosts of the show, gave his opinion on why “a lot” of people thought the same.

“I do think a lot of folks had projected on Mueller a level of aggression that was not present in that testimony ⁠— in that hearing,” the host said.

Schiff said that Mueller’s team “as good a group of persecutors as they were,” had made mistakes which included not talking to Donald Trump Jr.

But the special prosecutor’s “cardinal mistake,” Schiff believes, was “not demanding to interview the president.”

Mueller was unable to prove that there was any conspiracy between President Trump’s campaign and the Russians in influencing the 2016 presidential election.

But Schiff maintains that his House committee found “significant evidence” of  the “Trump campaign efforts to seek, make use of, and cover-up Russian help in the 2016 presidential election.”

That comes a week after records were shown that showed even members of former President Obama’s top staff did not find any evidence of collusion.

As for Mueller, his performance as a witness was a debacle. He kept asking representatives to repeat their questions and could not focus on the hearing.

“Rarely has a made-for-TV drama been such bad TV,”  National Review editor Rich Lowry said after the testimony, calling it “laconic, halting, uncertain performance.”

“Rather than knocking anyone’s socks off, of course, Mueller’s testimony raised the question of whether the special counsel who had been puffed up by so many had really only been presiding over and lending his name to the investigation rather than actively running it,” he said.

Washington Post contributor Carol Leonnig also panned the special counsel’s testimony when speaking to CNN.

“He was stumbling over his words. You saw him in July in his testimony before Congress, there were people that I spoke to who are very, very good family friends of his who said, ‘I couldn’t watch the television anymore, I had to turn it off. It wasn’t the Bob I knew,’” she said.