Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Lawyer Daniel Goldman Contracts Coronavirus

Written by Martin Walsh

Things are starting to get very, very serious with the coronavirus.

The NBA has canceled its season, colleges and schools are closing for a period of time, and events across the country are either canceling or refusing to allow a live audience in the studio to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Now, a top Democrat in Congress may have come in contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s office announced over the weekend that a “former staff member” had tested positive for having coronavirus.

This individual has now been confirmed to be Daniel Goldman, a lawyer who worked with Schiff and his Democratic colleagues during the failed House impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

Goldman left Schiff’s office ten days ago and was identified as the staffer by Politico’s Kyle Cheney.

“Confirmed that former staff is Daniel Goldman, who led the impeachment questioning by the House Intel Committee,” Cheney reported.

Schiff announced Sunday that “a former staff member” tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus.

He added that the staffer left the office 10 days ago and that although he “likely” contracted it after leaving, his office would be taking precautionary measures.

“We have received notice that a former staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, we consulted with the House Attending physician and will be acting on their recommendations. Medical professionals believe that my former staff member likely contracted the virus after leaving the office, but we will still be taking additional precautions over the next few days. The former staffer is feeling better and no current staff has reported any flu-like symptoms at this time,” Schiff said.

“Even prior to receiving this notification, we had postponed my district events and meetings, and requested that my staff telecommute from home for the foreseeable future out of an abundance of caution,” he added.

Goldman later confirmed the report and thanked people “for the outpouring of support.”

“It means a lot to my family and me,” Goldman tweeted. “I am almost back to 100%. I’m lucky enough not to fall in the vulnerable category and, for me, it was just like the flu.”

Beyond that, the Trump administration continues to take swift action.

Trump delivered an address from the Oval Office last Wednesday night and detailed a series of actions his administration has taken and plans to take in order to combat the coronavirus.

Trump announced his decision to suspend all travel from the European Union for the next 30 days.

“We will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days,” Trump said.

The president noted that the European Union failed to ban travel into their country from areas affected by the coronavirus.

He said there would be exemptions for Americans traveling from Europe who had been screened, as well as from the United Kingdom.

The president also declared a national emergency over the weekend, which will provide states and local communities more power to address issues they may be facing rather than waiting on Congress to do something.

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