Joy Behar Takes Aims At ‘Recovering Addicts’ Who Worked For Trump Appearing On ‘The View’


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Joy Behar, cohost of the ABC Daytime talk show “The View” took a swipe at some former administration officials for former President Donald Trump who have been on her show in what has appeared to be auditions for the token conservative spot on the panel.

Former Trump White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin and former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham have made many appearances on the show as the anti-Trump conservatives who attack the former president and his allies as well as butt heads with the liberal cohosts on other issues.

But last week Behar attacked the “recovering addicts” who she says enabled Trump.

“These people who are now all like recovering addicts, recovering addicts in the Trump world that come on, even on this show, they come and they go on all the shows and they suddenly turn on Trump,” the cohost said. “Where were you all that time when he was talking about grabbing women by their nether regions, when he made fun of war hero John McCain, when he criticized soldiers being cowards, Gold Star families?”

She said, “I mean, come on. Where was Mike Pence when Trump called Zelensky to ask him to interfere in the election? Where was he during the impeachment process? He was not there.”

She said that Pence’s behavior was “just disgraceful,” and then said, “We are onto all of them. Don’t try and fool us. And if he was just doing his job and he became a hero, then we’re heroes, because we’re just doing our job.”


Fox News reported:

A former ABC insider told Fox News Digital that Behar is purposeful in her on-air attacks and if they were Farah Griffin or Grisham, they would have taken it as a direct dig.

“If I were one of [those] two people auditioning and Joy had said that, I would take it as a shot,” they said. “Joy is very intentional. She’s very smart, and she’s very intentional with her hits. When she attacks someone, it’s very calculated and intentional.”

The insider added Behar was “very authentic” and the audience values that trait in her and other outspoken hosts like Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg.

“The audience, daytime audience in particular, really thrives on authenticity,” the insider said. “[Behar] herself is very authentic, love her or hate her.”

Behar had a busy week last week as she also had some harsh words for the man who was former President Obama’s campaign manager in both of his presidential election victories.


The hosts were talking about whether President Joe Biden should campaign again for president in 2024 when guest cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin who quoted David Axelrod who said that President Biden would be 82 on Inauguration Day if he won.454

Cohost Whoopi Goldberg said that she wondered who would win the nomination for the Republicans and cohost Sunny Hostin said she did not want it to be Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who she referred to be a derogatory nickname.

“I hope it’s not Death-Santis. I think he handled COVID miserably,” she said.

“I think he’s a fascist and a bigot. I think that people saying he’s [Biden] is too old, I mean, the former twice-impeached disgraced president, he’s such a young spring chicken. He’s gonna be 78 when Joe Biden is 81 and so I don’t like this ageism argument.”

The Daily Caller reported.

Hostin said many Democrats have “verve and energy,” including California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Behar, disputing the age argument, said Biden lives a healthy lifestyle by working out everyday.

Griffin said there are “sane” Republicans, namely former Vice President Mike Pence and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who have a shot at winning the nomination. Goldberg told her she was being “ageist” toward the president and pointed to former President Ronald Reagan having Alzheimers when he was younger than Biden or Trump, so therefore age should not play a factor in one’s ability to govern effectively.

“You know, David Axelrod should keep his mouth shut,” Behar said. “And Ronald Reagan’s rule was ‘thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican’ and I say unto you, David Axelrod, do not speak ill of a fellow Democrat.”

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