After Comey Begs To Keep His Closet Closed, Federal Judge Flings Them Wide Open

Slick Jimmy slipped up – and a federal judge is making sure everyone sees!

James Comey. We thought we were done with him. But not quite.

The disgraced former FBI head has been exposed to be a partisan hack who put politics ahead of justice.

During the Obama administration, he bent the rules to clear Hillary Clinton—even after admitting she broke the law.

Even when Trump won, Comey was leading his own secret investigation, with moles in the White House, collecting dirt on the president.

What’s worse, there are those within the FBI still trying to cover for Comey. Despite the damage, he caused to their reputation and ability to protect the U.S.

But a federal judge just put an end to that nonsense.

From Washington Examiner:

A federal judge ruled against the FBI’s efforts to keep some redacted documents related to former FBI Director James Comey’s memos hidden from the public…

The bureau was claiming it had “effectively asserted” a Freedom of Information Act exemption as the basis to protect its redactions. But the judge said the FBI never actually made this assertion in the relevant filings.

Wow. The FBI was trying to undermine the Freedom of Information Act by blocking Comey’s memos from reaching the public.

But a federal judge just knocked down that attempt.

Seems like the FBI was scheming, acting as if the judge had really given them the right to hide those memos from the public.

They thought they were exempt from the law. Not so fast, guys.

It was Comey who created those memos, secretly recording information he shouldn’t. All to build a case against the president.

He is the one who gave your institution a black eye. Now you have to live with the reality that Americans get to see just what kind of wrongdoing your leader was up to.

You don’t get to hide that information from us, just because it embarrasses you.

Comey disgraced the FBI when he played a game of politics. He was supposed to be above that. But it was clear he was more interested in helping Democrats than upholding justice.

It’s going to take a lot of work for the Bureau to restore its trust with the American public. But hiding Comey’s memos won’t do that.

He is going to have to be exposed for the trickster he is.

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