After Senate Impeachment Trial Begins – Trump Secures HISTORIC Victory

The Senate impeachment trial started this week, and Americans have already seen that it’s nothing more than a horse and pony show.

The House rushed their inquiry, forcing a vote along party lines (with three Democrats against it). They did such a terrible job building their case, they are now begging for more witnesses and time.

They tossed the country into chaos with impeachment and now they want a drawn out Senate trial while they wait for anything to help them harm President Donald Trump.

But a brand new Gallup poll shows the Republican Party firmly behind Trump as he faces impeachment, with 93 percent opposed to a Senate impeachment conviction and removal, and 51 percent of Americans overall agree.

Gallup led its reporting on its poll with Trump’s overall approval rating of 44 percent, a rating that has held steady in recent months.

But the poll also reveals broader support for the president, showing Trump has a historical advantage:

Forty-six percent of Americans say they would like their senators to vote to convict Trump and remove him from office, while 51 percent want their senators to vote against conviction so Trump will remain as president.

Like his approval rating, Trump’s impeachment figures are also sharply divided along partisan lines. Ninety-three percent of Republicans are opposed to convicting Trump and 84 percent of Democrats favor doing so. Independents are evenly divided, with 49 percent in favor and 46 percent opposed.

The poll also showed that 88 percent of Republicans, 37 percent of independents and 10 percent of Democrats approve of the job Trump is doing.

Gallup compared Trump’s impeachment with that of former President Bill Clinton, although the poll does not reflect the differences in the articles of impeachment for the two presidents.

“The president’s own party is about as opposed to impeachment for Trump as the Democratic Party was for Clinton; but the opposition party and political independents are more strongly aligned against Trump than they were against Clinton,” Gallup reported.

Gallup notes that both Clinton and Trump’s impeachment trials took place during a strong economy, but “Trump is operating in a much more partisan environment than Clinton was” and the polarization in the country is holding Trump’s job approval ratings down.

It’s clear that Democrats made a very bad case for Trump’s impeachment.

They spent two years and pulling out every trick in the book to make their Russian hoax to stick.

That failed, so now Democrats want Americans to believe Trump broke the law, committed treason, and must be removed from office over a simple phone call with the Ukrainian preident.

Pelosi refused for nearly a month to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, which is her constitutional duty.

She caved last week and finally sent them, but that was after members of her own party started to turn on her.

That’s why Americans are with Trump and firmly against Democrats.