After Siding With Dems In Crucial Impeachment Vote – Romney Gets The BOOT

Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney has been attacking and going after President Donald Trump for quite some time. 

In recent months, Romney has spoken out against Trump, suggested he would support impeaching the president, and got caught operating a fake Twitter account that he used to promote himself and go after the president.

Last week, Romney sided with Democrats and publicly said he wanted to hear from witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial.

Now, one week later, Romney has changed his tune after his approval numbers in Utah absolutely tanked.

On Tuesday, Romney bashed Democrats and their “outrage” to the latest impeachment rules put forth by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Well, the changes [in the trial rules] are pretty modest and I don’t think are significant in any dramatic way. So for instance, whether something is going to be taking 12 hours per day or eight hours per day, it’s still going to be covered in the news,” Romney said.

“And what’s officially going into evidence doesn’t make a big difference because the senators are, of course, free to look at all the information they have that comes from the House,” he added. “I think the Democrats make a mistake when they cry outrage time and time again. If everything is an outrage, then nothing is an outrage.”

These comments come days after a new Morning Consult Poll was released showing a massive 8-point drop in Romney’s approval ratings in Utah.

In the third quarter of last year, he had a comfortable 65 percent approval rating.

But in the last quarter, he dropped to 57 percent — which is around the same time he began showing signs of siding with Democrats in the impeachment trial.

A new dynamic has presented itself.

Republicans control a 53-47 majority in Senate.

To impeach Trump in the upper chamber, 67 Senators would need to vote in favor of removing the president. That means all 47 Democrats and 20 Republicans would need to vote in favor of it.

Spoiler: that’s never going to happen.

Democrats know this, which is why they are trying to delay and draw out the impeachment trial as long as possible to hurt the president politically going into the election.

Democrats only need 51 votes to compel witnesses, demand documents, and push through other procedural motions in the Senate trial.

So they are targeting Never-Trumpers like Romney to vote in favor of their motions and their ridiculous demands.

But After Romney voiced his support for more witnesses — he quickly changed his tune after his approval numbers dropped dramatically back in his home state.

He got the memo — the American people are with Trump, against impeachment, and do not want this witch hunt to continue any longer.