Illegal Alien Shot And Killed After Reaching For Border Agent’s Gun


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An illegal alien made a fatal mistake when he reached for the firearm of a Border Patrol agent at the Ysleta Border Patrol Station.

The incident happened on Tuesday and the FBI was on the scene, the Washington Post reported.

“A migrant in custody in Border Patrol’s El Paso, TX sector has been shot and killed after he allegedly went for a Border Patrol agent’s gun near the Ysleta station, the BP union tells me. FBI on scene investigating. I am awaiting further info/details from CBP,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.


“On Oct. 4, 2022, at approximately 12:45 p.m. U.S Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Ysleta Border Patrol Station, were involved in a shooting incident at the Ysleta Station,” Border Patrol said in a press release.

“One person in custody was shot and transported to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. Investigative personnel including the Federal Bureau of Investigations, The El Paso Police Department, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility are on-scene at this time,” it said.

“OPR is reviewing the incident. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available. Note that the FBI is the lead investigative agency on this matter,” it said.

Jeffrey R. Downey, the FBI special agent in charge in El Paso, did confirm that the person who was shot by the agents had died.

“One person was taken into custody and was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment,” he said. “At this time, the FBI can confirm the person has died from his injuries.”

“The incident happened while the alien was in custody,” National Border Patrol Council Union President Brandon Judd said, Sara Carter reported. “The alien was in custody and went for one of the agents guns. Two agents fired on the illegal alien. He was killed. The FBI is on scene now conducting the investigation.”

“As of Sept. 14, CBP had recorded 17 use-of-force incidents by agency personnel using their firearms during the government’s 2022 fiscal year, according to the agency’s most recent statistics. There were 15 such incidents in 2021,” The Post said.


In February, a Border Patrol agent fatally shot a Mexican man, 32-year-old Carmelo Cruz Marcos, in a remote Arizona canyon near the Mexican border. Prosecutors who reviewed the case declined to bring charges against the agent, saying he acted in self-defense.

Border Patrol stations are secure facilities used to process and detain migrants who are taken into custody after entering the United States illegally. Agents staffing the facilities typically carry their firearms at all times.

In September a retired Border Patrol agent has left the Democrat Party over the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends First,” retired CBP officer Rosa Arellano explained that the policies of the Biden administration worsened border security compared to policies in place under the Trump administration.


Arellano said former President Donald Trump inspired her to switch parties, explaining how he listened to the concerns of border agents.

“He was the first president in a long time that I recall actually came down to the border,” Arellano said on Fox News.

“When he came down, and he spoke to the subject-matter experts of Border Patrol and us, the CBP officers, he listened to us,” Arellano, who lives in Texas along the border, said.

“He listened to us letting him know that we needed a multi-layer solution to this situation. And we mentioned that we needed physical barriers, strategic locations, we needed better infrastructure, we needed more boots on the ground and better technology. He listened to us, and he pointed it out to the country,” she said.


Arellano said it is “pure hypocrisy” from Democrats for calling the bussing of migrants a crisis when border communities are overwhelmed on a daily basis.

Arellano suggested Democrats go to the border to witness the crisis firsthand.

“If they come down and they check out what’s going on, they would be baffled. We have our small border town which is just about 30,000-35,000. It’s ridiculous that we’re getting illegals entering our area at a rate of about a thousand a day.”


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