Joe Biden Gets Brutal News From His Own Party Ahead Of 2024 Announcement


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President Joe Biden is preparing to announce his decision on whether or not he intends to campaign for the presidency again, but it comes at a time when he is facing fierce backlash from his own party.

“White House aides tell us that President JOE BIDEN is likely to announce a final decision on the 2024 reelection in the coming weeks. And as he gears up for likely reelection, he appears to be shimmying back to the ideological middle (an easy move when there’s no real primary challenge), Politico reported.

Politico highlighted three recent issues where President Biden has moved to the middle and faced a furious response from the progressive wing of his party.

Crime: Biden announced that he would not stop a Republican-backed bill to override changes that the D.C. Council made that overhauled the city’s criminal code, lessening maximum penalties for some offenses. Oil: Biden approved ConocoPhillips’ massive new Willow Project to drill for oil on federal land in Alaska. Immigration: Biden is reportedly considering whether to readopt DONALD TRUMP’s policy of detaining migrant families at the southern border amid concerns that lifting Title 42 in May will lead to a rush of migrants at the border.

On the issue of the Washington DC crime legislation, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was furious.

“If the President supports D.C. statehood, he should govern like it,” she said.

When it comes to the issue of bringing back former President Donald Trump’s family detention policy, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders rallied against it.


“I think the devil is in the details and we will see what happens. … But has he made decisions that progressives disagree with? Absolutely. We will see what comes up in the next year,” he said.

And he was not the only detractor from the president’s party as progressive Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Judy Chu condemned the idea.

“We are deeply concerned by reports that the Biden Administration is considering reinstating family detention in an attempt to deter migration. We agree with Secretary Mayorkas when he said, ‘A detention center is not where a family belongs.’ We should not return to the failed policies of the past. There is no safe or humane way to detain families and children, and such detention does not serve as a deterrent to migration. We strongly urge the administration to reject this wrongheaded approach,” they said.

Aides for the president said that his decisions were not departures from the policies he has supported for his entire career.

They said to Politico that “there has not been a coordinated, deliberate strategy to move to the center as a likely reelection campaign approaches.”

They said the decisions represent a “series of moves were the product of inadvertent timing or simply Biden acting on long-held positions, like on crime.”

The news comes after the House Oversight and Accountability Committee says it has uncovered a network of around a dozen bank accounts used to funnel cash from foreign sources to President Joe Biden’s family with some of the funds getting to him.

“It’s getting very close to Joe Biden,” Rep. James Comer said in an interview with Just the News.


Whistleblowers have augmented those financial records with testimony, Comer revealed.

The Kentucky Republican said the new evidence makes clear that several members of the Biden family were involved in receiving or forwarding foreign money and that some of the money came from places other than widely reported sources in China, Russia, and Ukraine. He cited the United Arab Emirates as one new area of investigative interest.

“The Middle East, that’s very underreported, especially with Jim Biden, the president’s brother,” he said. “He had a lot of deals in the Middle East. We know about a lot of these deals because a lot of them are in federal bankruptcy court right now.

“And that’s the other story here: I don’t know if any of these business deals ever lasted. I mean, they were all scams and schemes and failures. So why would people continue to send this family massive amounts of money? Because they don’t have any expertise. Were they getting something in return? If so, then Joe Biden would be the primary suspect, because I don’t think that Hunter Biden or Jim Biden, or any of the family members of the Biden family can actually do something on behalf of the government. But Joe Biden could, and that’s why we’re investigating this,” the representative said.

He said that the investigators found “over a dozen accounts, at least, and maybe many more” in which funds from foreign sources flowed to the family and that his committee is now in the process of getting those records via subpoena.

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He said that one Biden family member had escaped scrutiny until now.

“We identified a very new Biden family member that I honestly never would have even suspected would have been a recipient of a big paycheck from an account that was funded through two individuals closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party,” he said. “So I think you’re gonna find that there are many Biden family members that were involved in the schemes.”

“It doesn’t make sense for this family to receive these massive amounts of money from our adversaries,” he said. “They’re not dealing with Canada. They’re not dealing with the Europeans, you know, the normal European Union countries. They’re dealing with countries like Russia and China, and the United Arab Emirates. I mean, it’s bizarre some of the countries that are doing business with the Bidens.”