Biden Aides Instructed to Say He Has Six, Not Seven, Grandchildren: Report


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President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are being slammed after a report claiming that aides are being instructed to say that the couple has only six grandchildren instead of seven, discounting a four-year-old daughter he fathered with a former DC-area stripper.

Last week, Hunter Biden, the son of the president, reached a resolution in his child support case in Arkansas, effectively putting an end to the long-standing paternity dispute involving his daughter whom he fathered with the mother, Lunden Alexa Roberts.

In a court filing on Thursday, reports revealed that Hunter agreed to provide his daughter with a collection of his paintings. As part of this agreement, Roberts agreed to withdraw her counterclaim seeking to change their child’s last name to “Biden.”

On Saturday, The New York Times released a highly critical report noting that the family dispute is rooted in “money, corrosive politics, and what it means to have the Biden birthright.”

According to two individuals familiar with the discussions, aides in White House strategy meetings have been informed that the president and first lady have six grandchildren, not seven, the Times reported.


In April, Biden listed six of the grandchildren by name during a “take your child to work day” event at the White House.

He said at the time: “I have six grandchildren, and I’m crazy about them. And I speak to them every single day. Not a joke”

Fox News adds: “Biden has also put up Christmas stockings at the White House for six of the grand children, but has repeatedly left his seventh grandchild out of the annual tradition. But as Biden seeks re-election in 2024 and as the speculation into Hunter’s foreign business dealings ramps up, the president has decided to more publicly embrace his son, Hunter, and grandson, Beau, bringing them to Camp David for the last two weekends in a row.”

The Bidens were ripped online following the Times’ damning report, with some calling the situation “gross” and “sad.”

Another called the Bidens “monsters.”

Chad Gilmartin, a deputy spokesman for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), noted on Twitter: “Joe Biden ‘has not yet met or publicly mentioned his other grandchild. His White House has not answered questions about whether he will publicly acknowledge her’ ‘[A]ides have been told that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren’ So sad.”


Jake Schneider with RNC Research added, “Joe Biden and Jill, Ed.D., are two of the scummiest people to have ever disgraced American politics. Just awful human beings.

Duke University Prof. Timur Kuran noted as well: “Set aside politics and put yourself in the shoes of this 4-year-old. ‘She’s aware that her father is Hunter Biden and that her paternal grandfather is US president. She speaks about both often, but she has not met them.’ No one should do this to a child.”

“These people are monsters,” added CNN commentator and former George W. Bush administration official Scott Jennings.


We are a year away from ‘I wish I could meet my grandpa’ interviews. Hell of an October surprise,’ journalist David Marcus noted as well.

Roberts had been attempting to get Hunter Biden to agree to allow the little girl, Navy Joan, to use his last name since 2019, but she dropped the legal proceeding in recent weeks, according to a redacted agreement filed with a court in Independence County, Arkansas, last week, according to The Western Journal.

The mother of Hunter’s child had been arguing that allowing their daughter to use his last name would open up opportunities for her, but Hunter has regularly refused.

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