Biden Heads To Camp David As Spy Balloon In United States Airspace


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As a Chinese spy balloon makes its way across the United States President Joe Biden has decided it is time some time away from the White House.

The president and his writers have gathered at Camp David to work on penning his speech for his State of the Union address, CBS News reported.

Longtime Biden aides including senior White House advisers Bruce Reed, Mike Donilon and Anita Dunn will join chief White House speechwriter Vinay Reddy. And Steve Ricchetti, counselor to Mr. Biden, will also spend the weekend at Camp David to help with speechwriting, according to a source familiar with the plans. Mr. Biden is expected at Camp David Saturday evening and Sunday.

Two sources familiar with the planning tell CBS News historian and author Jon Meacham, who has served as an occasional outside adviser to Mr. Biden during the 2020 campaign and his presidency, is also heading to Camp David for speech preps. 


Meacham helped craft the president’s acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, his inaugural address, and the president’s remarks delivered on the one year anniversary of the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. 

The report said that the president likes to spend weeks preparing a speech of this magnitude, but he continues changing it along the way.

“The State of the Union is coming up.  I was wondering if you could give us a sense of how the President is preparing for this, where he may be in the speechwriting process, who’s helping him with that, a reporter said to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday.

“It’s a — it’s a good question.  As you know, the President has been working on — on the — on his speech for some time.  He sees this as an opportunity — and I spoke — I’ve spoken to this before — not just to address Congress and the members of Congress, clearly, but also as an opportunity to speak directly to the American people,” the press secretary said.

“He’s done it at least twice before.  This will be his third time.  And so, he takes this very seriously.

“These types of speeches continue to evolve, sometimes until the final moments before being delivered, as you can imagine.  And — but you can expect the President to hit on many of the issues that you hear him speak about every day: the significant economic progress we’re seeing under his leadership; his economic vision that’s building our economy from the bottom up and middle out; the historic pieces of legislation passed into law over the last two years, which are creating good-paying middle-class jobs and delivering real results for people by fixing our roads, bridges, tunnels, lowering costs on everyday goods,” she said.

“Those are just a few examples that you will hear from the President. I will also say, somebody just asked — I don’t know, it may have been you, Mary — about the optimism that the — that you see from this President.  Right?  This is something that you have heard from him over and over again, especially in the last two years, is how he is optimistic about the future of this country.  And you’ll hear some of that as well, and the possibilities — And I’ve said this before; you hear that from the President as well as — the possibilities that we have as a country, especially as we look at our economy, as we look at things moving forward,” she said.

But some on Twitter believe this is not the time for the president to be working on his speech.


“Joe Biden’s on vacation while a CHINESE spy balloon flies over your home,” the Republican House Judiciary said.

“As China is spying on us, Biden is spending the weekend in Camp David. How convenient! It’s right next to the RRMC underground bunker,” another said.

“Hiden Biden when things get tough he goes and hides as usual!” another said.


“Him going on vacation Well balloons from China flying overhead to me that sounds like an impeachable offense,” another Twitter user said.


“Why is he cloistered at Camp David whilst China is flying “balloons” all over North America. Next stop Colorado bunker?” another said.


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