Biden Bumbles, Slurs His Words Midway Through Speech on American Soldiers

Written by Martin Walsh

Joe Biden has been proclaimed by the mainstream media as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, which means he will have to come out of his basement and actually start to do work without the help of his controllers.

And it didn’t take long for Biden’s gaffes to make a strong comeback.

During a virtual meeting with the National Governors Association Executive Committee, Biden discussed his plans for fighting COVID-19, which included mobilizing the soldiers of the National Guard and invoking the Defense Production Act.

But it was hard to actually understand him given he continues to slur his words and bumble his way through his plan.

“We discussed the need to help states with Title 32 funding for the National Guard,” Biden said, then began bumbling.

“That’s the fancy way of saying governors, governors need to be able to get funding when they disp— when they dis— they need to, uh, and, and, bring their, bring their National Guard into play,” he continued.

Watch it here:

Title 32 is neither “fancy” nor difficult to comprehend, nor much like how Biden described it.

Title 32 gives states federal funding for the National Guard, in addition to expanding the benefits available to guardsmen.

In states like Pennsylvania, for instance, PennLive reports the National Guard has been working at long-term care facilities beginning in the spring. In Michigan, guardsmen have been distributing food at food banks, delivering personal protective equipment, and distributing coronavirus tests, according to WEYI-TV.

The authorization for Title 32 funding for the pandemic was first signed by President Donald Trump in March and was last reauthorized in August.

When Biden began taking a few questions from the press, his slurs got even worse.

One reporter merely repeated back to Biden his assertion that “if this transition doesn’t get going, especially coordination on vaccine distribution, that lives will be lost” and asked, “how many lives do you think are at risk here if this transition remains stalled?”

Biden responded that a shortened transition is “going to put us behind the eight ball by a matter of a month or more” but he “can’t tell you” how many lives will be lost as a result of it.

As for how he knows lives will be lost or how the unusual aftermath of an unusual election puts his team behind the eightball, even though this could have been predicted months ago, no one bothered to ask about that — and we’ll get to the difficulty level of these queries in a bit, because it bears examining.

“I’m going to — we’re going to impose the — we’re going to enforce the — excuse me, employ the defense, reconstruct the act, to be able to go out there and dictate companies build and do following things,” Biden said.

However, we then had a graceless attempt at explaining how he’d solve COVID-19 supply issues under a hypothetical Biden administration:

Most of the other questions Biden received were an absolute joke.

Here are a couple of the questions Biden was asked on Thursday:

  • “When you take a step back and you look at the way the president is handling this, his refusal to concede, what do you think is really going on here? In your view, Mr. President-elect, what do you think the president is doing? What are Americans witnessing here?” (“Incredible irresponsibility,” Biden answered about the 19-minute mark in the video above.)
  • “What do you say to Americans, especially immigrant Americans who came to the United States looking for political stability and seeing all the things that the president is doing?” (Biden’s answer, about the 24:30 mark, was embarrassing itself just for the long pauses, but he finally settled on a version of “really irresponsible.”)

Get ready for four years of the press covering for Biden and spewing his talking points.

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