Another One Bites The Dust – Corrupt Dem Charged With Multiple Felonies

Seems like every week a corrupt Democrat is arrested and charged for breaking the law.

Another day, another Democrat goes down in disgrace. The party of “do as I say, not as I do” continues to rack up hypocrisies not seen in American politics in generations.

Ron Meer was apparently upset that his stepson was arrested on drug charges so he got involved and tried to big shot the case.

It backfired and now he is the one who needs a lawyer.

From Fox News:

Mayor Ron Meer of Michigan City faces five felony counts of intimidation, two counts of false informing and felony misconduct, court records show.

The dispute with the police department began after the recent arrest of Meer’s stepson on drug charges – an arrest that Meer claims was politically motivated, South Bend’s WNDU-TV reported.

Shortly after police Chief Mark Swistek and two assistant chiefs resigned, with Swistek alleging the mayor had ordered him to pull an unspecified number of officers out of the department’s anti-drug task force. A new police chief was named Tuesday.

After Meer was charged, the judge assigned to his case recused himself because his wife works as corporate council for the city.

From WNDU:

It looks like crime has become a big issue in the Michigan City Mayor’s race.

Court documents show incumbent Ron Meer faces six felony counts for intimidation and official misconduct, and two misdemeanors for false informing “resulting in substantial hindrance to law enforcement.”

Last month, Meer claimed the arrest of his stepson on drug charges was politically motivated.