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Trump Says Ocasio-Cortez’s Has A ‘Great Line Of Bulls**t’

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the main targets for Republicans to attack, and that includes President Donald Trump.

Last week the president teed off on the 30-year-old firebrand, calling her Green New Deal plans “bullshit,” Breitbart News reported.

“She’s got a great line of bullshit, that’s about it,” the president said at a Macon, Georgia campaign rally “She knows nothing about the environment.”

He said that her Green New Deal would cost trillions of dollars in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and stop global warming.

“This is the craziest thing, done by AOC plus three,” he said, a reference to her Squad that includes Reps. Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. “These are not great academics.”

“The real number is $100 trillion,” President Trump said. “They say we can do it for like $9 trillion. Nine trillion does not work either. The real price is $100 trillion. They want to rip down buildings and build new buildings with tiny little windows.”

He said that her fellow Squad member. Rep. Omar, “hates our country,” which got some at the event to shout that she should leave the United States.

“No, please don’t tell her to leave,” the president said. “That happened once before it got me in a lot of trouble … but she doesn’t like our country, you see what she says.”

At another campaign rally, this time in Ocala, Florida on Friday night, the president continued to hit Rep. Omar over unverified accusations that she married her brother to get around immigration laws.

“If you look at the House with Pelosi and these people, it’s like they hate Israel and they believe in Omar, who came in here and married her brother or something, came in illegally,” the president said, Newsweek reported. “Come on Justice, let’s go Justice, Department of Justice.”

“She hates our country. She comes from a place that doesn’t even have a government, and then she comes here, tells us how to run our country,” he said.

It is not the first time that Rep. Omar has been accused of committing this crime, and she has denied its veracity in the past.

The website PolitiFact, which routinely debunks unfounded conspiracy theories, has not found enough evidence to confirm or deny the rumor.

“In a June 23 article, the Star-Tribune wrote that it ‘could neither conclusively confirm nor rebut the allegation that he is Omar’s sibling.’ That echoed the conclusion by Snopes.com in February 2019, that ‘the evidence uncovered thus far isn’t definitive enough to come down on one side or the other.’ PolitiFact was unable to reach a conclusion during the 2018 election cycle,” PolitiFact said.

“Ilhan has shared more than most public officials ever do about the details of her personal life — even when it is personally painful. Whether by colluding with right-wing outlets to go after Muslim elected officials or hounding family members, legitimate media outlets have a responsibility not to fan the flames of hate. Continuing to do so is not only demeaning to Ilhan, but to her entire family,” her office said to PolitiFact.