Trump Attorney Explains Next Steps For Trump After Conviction


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An attorney for former President Donald Trump has detailed what they plan to do after the guilty verdicts in Manhattan.

Todd Blanche appeared on Fox News on Friday and spoke to host Jesse Watters as he explained the options the former president has to appeal the 34 felony convictions.

“Do you believe that Donald Trump’s constitutional rights were violated?” the host said.

The attorney said yes and spoke about the gag order that prevented his client from showing the connections between the judge and the Democratic Party.

“That affects not only President Trump, that affects every voter, whether they’re going to vote for President Trump or against President Trump. That affects every single voter in this country because they don’t get to hear from the candidate,” he said. “We very much disagree with that order. We appealed that as well.

“There was a lot about what happened over the past year that, you know, I sit here tonight, the verdict just came down today, but really there’s a lot that’s happened over the past year that I think that Americans should look very hard at,” the attorney said.


“Just that the whole way this case was charged. The district attorney says that this type of case is a bread and butter, that they do these cases all the time. That is not true. It’s just not true,” he said as he explained that Bragg’s office downgraded more than half of the felony charges against suspects to misdemeanors.

“This is a case that the records of President Trump’s personal records, his personal checkbook from 2017 — from 2017, is what he was on trial for. That does not happen all the time. That doesn’t happen all the time in Manhattan. That doesn’t happen all the time in any jurisdiction in this country,” Blanche continued.

“And that’s fine. That’s fine if you want to indict somebody and go after somebody for conduct that happened in 2017. But I think where it becomes problematic for me as a lawyer, is don’t look me in the eye and say, ‘this is bread and butter. We do this all the time. That we’re treating President Trump like we treat anybody else. like we treat anybody else.’ That’s not true,” he said.



Legal analysts’ pre- and post-trial analyses noted that Judge Juan Merchan most likely violated Trump’s constitutional rights in the way he presided over the trial. In contrast, others claimed that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg created the laws that led to the former president’s conviction. Still, others noted that Trump was also convicted of federal campaign finance violations, which state and local DAs have no authority to prosecute.

But beyond the legal opinions—Trump’s lawyers are expected to immediately appeal his conviction—the former president managed a fundraising bonanza in the hours after the trial, with a campaign website crashing moments after the guilty verdict on all 34 counts was read.

WinRed, the payment processor for Republican campaign donations, crashed after his felony conviction, with his campaign attributing the crash to the high number of people trying to donate in the immediate aftermath of the verdict, The New York Times reported.

“So many Americans were moved to donate to President Trump’s campaign that the WinRed pages went down,” the Trump campaign said in a statement on social media.


The website no longer displays an error message when visiting the donation page for Trump’s campaign. However, it is unclear if the website is functioning properly and processing donations. The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment, The Times reported.

While the Times report did not mention it, President Joe Biden’s campaign also quickly attempted to cash in on the guilty verdict, Fox News reported.

“Despite a jury finding Donald Trump guilty today, there is still only one way to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office: At the ballot box,” the Biden campaign wrote in a fundraising text to supporters.

It further urged that “if you have been waiting for the perfect time to make your first donation to Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, we’re here to tell you today is the day.”

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