Steve Bannon Conviction Upheld By Appeals Court, May Be Headed To Prison


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Former advisor to former President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, got some tough news from an appeals court in his case.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction of the former presidential advisor which means that Bannon will be headed to prison.

The original verdict found the former Trump strategist guilty of contempt of Congress. Now after legal wrangling, it appears the 70-year-old could be spending time behind bars, The Washington Post reported.

The three-judge panel did not order him to begin serving his sentence as it gave him the option to appeal to the entire Court of Appeals.

Bannon could also ask the Supreme Court to intervene, but it has declined a similar appeal from former Trump advisor Peter Navarro.

Judge Brad Garcia, who is the newest member of the court, penned the decision and said that the former Trump advisor “deliberately refused to comply with the Select Committee’s subpoena in that he knew what the subpoena required and intentionally did not respond” and gave no persuasive argument for doing so.


“Bannon failed to comply with the subpoena, and his failure to comply was willful,” he said.

The former Trump advisor said that he followed legal advice in not complying with the subpoena.

But the judge said that his argument “runs headlong into settled law,” he said, and that when it comes to answering a subpoena, “this exact ‘advice of counsel’ defense is no defense at all.”

“In this appeal, Bannon does not dispute that he deliberately refused to comply with the Select Committee’s subpoena in that he knew what the subpoena required and intentionally did not respond; his nonresponse, in other words, was no accident,” the judges said. “Instead, Bannon challenges the contempt of Congress charges on the ground that he reasonably believed—based on advice of counsel—that he did not have to respond.”

The three judges were appointed by Presidents Trump, Biden and Obama.

“Flouting congressional subpoenas betrays a lack of respect for the legislative branch, which exercises the will of the people of the United States,” Trump appointed U.S. District Judge Carl J. Nichols, said when Bannon was sentenced.


Bannon, who now hosts his own podcast, has weighed in on former President Trump’s choice for vice president in the 2024 election.

On the podcast “Human Events with Jack Posobiec,” Bannon warned that a “big fight” was coming up in the spring.

“They’re gonna try to force Nikki on the ticket. They’ll say Trump needs a woman, Nikki on the ticket, she balances things and she can bring together that 15% of Never Trumpers in the Republican party. We’re going to have to have that fight. If Nikki Haley is in this administration in any capacity, it will fail,” Bannon said.

“She’s a viper. She’s a viper and once she gets in there, she’ll try to run it as prime minister. She’ll try to be Dick Cheney. Her relationship with Trump will be similar to that of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. That’s what she’ll try to do,” he added.


The ex-governor of South Carolina has hinted that she has no interest in being Trump’s vice president and “doesn’t play for second.”

Bannon isn’t the only powerful figure who has come out against the idea of Haley possibly being Trump’s running mate.

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Trump, stated on Newsmax that he would “go to great lengths to make sure” that Haley does not join his father’s campaign.

In a December interview with conservative political commentator Tim Pool, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said, “I would advocate against it as strongly as I could,” in reference to a Trump-Haley ticket.

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