Barack Obama Cuts TV Ad for California’s Gavin Newsom Taking Aim at Larry Elder


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Former President Barack Obama has cut a television ad supporting California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in his recall race instead of the closest contender, columnist and radio host Larry Elder, who would become the Golden State’s first black chief executive if he wins Tuesday.

Obama’s ad does not target Elder specifically, but it contains a photo of the conservative scribe and talker together with former President Donald Trump as the 44th U.S. leader accuses Republicans of attempting to “overturn common sense COVID safety measures for health care workers and school staff.”

“Gov. Newsom has spent the past year-and-a-half protecting California communities,” Obama, who was recently signed to a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix, which is based in the state, says in the ad.


Conservative pundit Dave Rubin said that the ad was funded by “Netflix CEO Reed Hastings” before asking if “any journalists wanna look into this.”

“Now Republicans are trying to recall him from office,” Obama continues, though reports have said many Democrats in California are also no longer enamored with Newsom.

“Your vote could be the difference between protecting our kids and putting them at risk, helping Californians recover or taking us backwards,” Obama continued, though he doesn’t live in the state.

“Protect California by voting no on the Republican recall,” the former president says in conclusion.


As for Obama’s COVID warnings, Breitbart News added some context:

Obama recently held a massive 60th birthday party for celebrities and political elites at his private estate on Martha’s Vineyard, off the Massachusetts coast, and was filmed dancing without wearing a mask.

Democrats are running on an exclusively negative message, targeting Elder with assistance from the establishment media, notably the Los Angeles Times, which has conducted a racist campaign against him.

As for Newsom, he campaigned this week with a leader for the Black Lives Matter movement who said in the governor’s presence that Elder is the “black face of white supremacy,” a claim made infamous by a black columnist writing recently in the Los Angeles Times.

Not only did Newsom not offer any pushback, but he also has not spoken about an attack on Elder and his security detail earlier this week by a white woman wearing a gorilla mask.

“Today I kicked off the Recall Express bus tour. Before we even left Los Angeles, my security detail was physically assaulted, shot with a pellet gun, and hit with projectiles. The intolerant left will not stop us. We will recall Gavin Newsom. We will save California,” Elder said in a statement on Twitter late Wednesday in response to the attack.

In a Twitter post, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva posted a photo of the woman about to throw an egg at Elder while asking, “How is this not a hate crime?” before answering his own question.

“Because ‘woke privilege’ means a white woman can wear a gorilla mask and attack a black man without fear of being called a racist. Where is the outrage from our politicians?” he added.

President Joe Biden has also publicly backed Newsom, saying in a statement that the Democratic governor “is leading California through unprecedented crises—he’s a key partner in fighting the pandemic and helping build our economy back better.”


“To keep him on the job, registered voters should vote no on the recall election by 9/14 and keep California moving forward,” Biden added.

Vice President Kamala Harris, another ‘person of color, has also made the trip to her native state to campaign for the white governor rather than the black candidate.

“You have to understand that this recall campaign is about California, and it’s about a whole lot more,” Harris said earlier this week.

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