Barr Claims He Yelled at Trump Over Hunter Biden in Last Convo Before 2020 Election


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Former Attorney General William Barr claims in a new book that he yelled at his boss, then-President Donald Trump over a discussion regarding Hunter Biden shortly before the November 2020 election.

“In his upcoming book, ‘One Damn Thing After Another,’ Barr recalled that in October 2020, Trump called soon after a Newsmax segment on Hunter Biden’s laptop,” Fox News reported Wednesday.

“Reports about the computer revolved around emails that appeared to connect Joe Biden to his son’s business dealings when the elder Biden was vice president,” the report continued.

“You know this stuff from Hunter Biden’s laptop?” Trump asked Barr, the book says.

“Mr. President, I can’t talk about that, and I am not going to,” Barr says he responded “sharply.”

Hunter Biden was reportedly already under federal investigation at the time for various allegations including potential tax issues. Barr wrote in his book that Trump didn’t appreciate his tone.

“You know, if that was one of my kids,” Trump began before Barr cut him off quickly.

“Dammit, Mr. President, I am not going to talk to you about Hunter Biden. Period!” Barr fired back, in a raised voice.


After a brief silence, Trump got off the phone; Barr wrote that his chief of staff, Will Levi, who was in the room during the call, was shocked.

“You yelled at the President?” Levi asked, with Barr nodding in confirmation, the book claims.

Fox News adds:

In the book, Barr went on to note that he heard Trump was upset with him for not refuting a claim now-President Biden made about emails on the laptop possibly being part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Barr called this a “bogus statement” and “deception” from Biden that the media ran with.

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Barr wrote that although he was at the White House on election night for a “watch party,” he and Trump did not have any direct communication after the October phone call until nearly three weeks after the election.

Barr’s book also lays the blame for the Capitol riot at Trump’s feet and roasts him for alleged “erratic personal behavior.”

“The 600-page book is due out March 8, and according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Barr uses it to attack Trump’s credibility, leadership, and temperament — framing his own service in the Trump Administration as a ‘personal sacrifice,’” The Daily Wire adds.

“Trump has ‘shown he has neither the temperament nor persuasive powers to provide the kind of positive leadership that is needed,’ and that it is time for Republicans to focus on rising new leaders in the party,” Barr says, the Wall Street Journal noted further.

Barr is also clear on where he stands regarding Trump’s oft-repeated claims that the 2020 election was “stolen.”

“The election was not ‘stolen.’ Trump lost it,” Barr reportedly wrote.


Critics blasted Barr, in part, for waiting to write a book instead of trying to do something to shift Trump’s behavior or negate its impact if he only had come forward sooner.

“That Barr feels himself free to write a book describing Trump’s excesses, framing his own service to Trump as a ‘personal sacrifice,’ & purporting to ‘advise’ the Republican Party, is a damning reflection of our profession’s failure to hold its standards,” Sherrilyn Ifill tweeted.

“How on character that Barr waited until he could make money off of it with a book to say Trump was totally unsuited for the presidency, instead of doing something about it when he had the power to,” Joyce White Vance added.

Politico’s Kyle Cheney went on to compare Barr to former National Security Advisor John Bolton, saying, “Bill Barr 2022 = John Bolton 2019. Both had visibility into actions by Donald Trump that caused them great alarm and would have been useful to impeachment investigators. Both withheld that knowledge and saved it for tell-all books.”

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