Best 6 money motivation principles that everyone should know


Andrew Carnegie‘s success story is classic (“from dirt to princess”). He managed to become the founder and owner of the largest US steel empire, the US Steel, from a simple bobbin caretaker at a weaving factory. More details about its success and life you can read here.

Each of us has something to learn from Andrew Carnegie.

  1. Determine the exact amount of money you would like to have. It’s not enough to say: “I want to have a lot of money.” Be precise and specific.
  2. Honestly tell yourself what you are willing to pay for the desired wealth.
  3. Schedule a time limit for this money.
  4. Make a specific plan of action to fulfill your desire and begin to act immediately, regardless of whether you are ready to implement it or not.
  5. Write down everything you have considered: the amount of money, the time you want them to have, than you are willing to sacrifice in exchange, an action plan.
  6. Every day before going to bed and in the morning after waking up with your eyes closed, say aloud with feeling, properly, with the arrangement of your notes. Reading, imagine, feel and believe that money is already yours.

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