Biden Appears To Imitate Fish In Bizarre Response Following Speech In Cleveland


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President Joe Biden has again turned heads over something he did following a speech in Cleveland, Ohio, earlier this week.

In a video clip posted to Twitter, Biden, 79, appeared to imitate a fish as he looked at someone in the crowd.


Needless to say, several users responded to the bizarre facial gesturing from the aged president.


The incident is only likely to fuel more speculation that Biden’s mental status is not good and that he doesn’t have the wherewithal to run again in 2024 — or even serve out his current term.

According to The Daily Wire:

A Gallup poll released on Tuesday finds Americans’ confidence in “the presidency” as an institution has dropped to 23% from 38% in 2021 — a record low since the survey began in 1973.

But it wasn’t just the presidency that took a hit. The survey found that an average of just 27% of those polled had either “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in 14 major institutions that Gallup has measured for decades: the church/organized religion, the military, the Supreme Court, banks, public schools, newspapers, Congress, organized labor, big business, television news, the presidency, the police, the medical system, and the criminal justice system.

The new confidence level in the 14 sectors is down from 32% in 2021 and even plunged below the previous low of 30% in 2014.

“Americans are less confident in major U.S. institutions than they were a year ago, with significant declines for 11 of the 16 institutions tested and no improvements for any. The largest declines in confidence are 11 percentage points for the Supreme Court — as reported in late June before the court issued controversial rulings on gun laws and abortion — and 15 points for the presidency, matching the 15-point drop in President Joe Biden’s job approval rating since the last confidence survey in June 2021,” the polling firm noted.

Unsurprisingly, Americans have the most confidence in small business, with 68 percent expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot,” down just 2 percent from last year.

In addition, the poll also found that all partisan groups “are generally less confident in the 16 U.S. institutions than they were a year ago.”


Democrats and independents show more than a double-digit loss of confidence in the Supreme Court, with no meaningful change among Republicans.

Republicans have lost more confidence in banks than the other party groups have. Republicans also show double-digit declines in confidence in the military and the police.

Independents are significantly less confident in organized religion than a year ago, while there has been a smaller drop among Republicans and no real change among Democrats.

An early July poll found that the vast majority of Americans do not want Biden to run again.

A whopping 71 percent of voters do not want the 79-year-old making an attempt to be president again in 2024 when he would be 82 years-old, Mediaite reported.

The Harvard-Harris poll was conducted among 1,308 registered voters on June 28 and 29.

Among those who said he shouldn’t run, the most common reason given was that “he’s a bad president (45%), followed by “he’s too old” (30%), and “it’s time for a change” (26%).

Just 28% either strongly or somewhat approve of his handling of inflation, while 32% approve of his handling of the economy overall.

The poll puts Biden’s general approval rating at 38%. Moreover, an alarming 64% of Americans say their personal financial situation is “getting worse.” That’s the highest number since at least before the Covid-19 pandemic began.

As for what issues are most concerning to Americans, inflation was at 40%, the economy in general was at 29 percent, and guns were at 20 percent.

Women’s rights polled at 17 percent, which was a six-point increase from the previous poll as it came a week after the Supreme Court decision to end Roe V Wade.

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