Biden Appears to Bump Head Exiting Marine One After Falling At Air Force Commencement


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Joe Biden continues to cause concern among a growing number of Americans regarding his fitness to remain president.

A video posted by the Republican National Committee’s Research arm on Friday appears to show Biden bumping his head as he exits the helicopter known as Marine One. Also, he failed to return the salute of the Marine posted at the exit, as is customary for the commander-in-chief.


“Biden bumps his head as he gets off Marine One, then tells reporters he ‘got sandbagged’ yesterday at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation,” the RNC Research post that included the video said.

It’s not clear if the president actually did bump his noggin, but he appears to rub the top-back portion of his head a few seconds later.


A day earlier, video of Biden at the academy’s commencement, where he spoke, shows him tripping and falling on stage, which he later blamed on a sandbag that had been placed nearby.

Trump was informed of Biden’s mishap during a campaign speech in Iowa, but he neglected to ridicule Biden over the incident and instead made a self-deprecating joke.

“He fell down? Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt,” Trump said upon hearing the news. “The whole thing is crazy, you gotta be careful about that, you gotta be careful about that because you don’t want that.”

“Even if you have to tip-toe down a ramp,” he added, appearing to reference a June 2020 West Point commencement speech he gave, after which a video showed him walking gingerly down a ramp. Trump later explained that the ramp was wet and he was wearing slick-soled leather shoes.

Meanwhile, late last month, when Biden was on a visit to Hiroshima, Japan, he nearly landed face-first after tripping while descending some steps.


“A confused-looking President Biden had to be gently guided by Japanese leader Fumio Kishida on Friday — before tripping and almost falling down some stairs,” the New York Post reported.

The report added:

The oldest-ever US president looked confused as first lady Jill Biden led him by the hand to meet his Japanese counterpart and his wife for a photo op in Hiroshima ahead of the Group of Seven summit there.

After shaking Kishida’s hand, Biden, 80, turned his attention to the prime minister’s 58-year-old wife, Fumio Kishida — bizarrely bending over with clenched fists, as if in a boxer’s pose, before also shaking her hand.

Kishida, 65, proceeded to direct the dignitaries to their designated positions for a photo session. Sensing Biden’s apparent confusion about where to stand, Kishida appeared to politely intervene and guide him to his designated spot. Biden shuffled slowly, appearing uncertain, while looking down at the ground, seeking clarity on his positioning, according to the video.

“We’ll figure it out,” first lady Jill Biden quipped as her husband fumbled about while trying to figure out where he was supposed to be standing.

As for the incident with the stairs, “Footage showed him arriving late for a tour of the Itsukushima Shrine, with the other world leaders already starting their tour as Biden slowly emerged from his limo,” The Post reported. “After walking slowly toward the others, he stared intently at a set of just eight steps — but still tripped, luckily catching his footing before falling.”

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