Biden Appears to Stun Sign Language Interpreter During ‘Pardoning’ of WH Turkey


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President Joe Biden lit up social media again on Tuesday during the annual White House ‘pardoning’ of the Thanksgiving turkey. After he pardoned two turkeys named “Chocolate” and “Chip,” Biden then turned his attention to Ronnie Parker of Circle S Ranch in Monroe, N.C, where the birds were raised, WCNC-TV reported.

“How many turkeys you got down there — you raising?” Biden asked.

“Circle S Ranch raises about nine and a half million turkeys a year,” said Parker, who is also the chairman of the National Turkey Federation.


The Western Journal noted: “Biden, seemingly stunned by the high number, immediately made a comparison that those watching had a tough time deciphering — and his response left sign language interpreter Elsie Stecker with her mouth wide open.”

“God love ya. Nine and a half million turkeys. I tell you what, that’s like some of the countries I’ve been to,” Biden said, which left many wondering about the meaning behind the comparison.

He then immediately turned to a turkey on a table next to him and said, “And the…anyway. You wanna talk?”

Several people who responded on social media were left stumped by the exchange.


Republicans have repeatedly called for Biden to take a mental acuity exam following a gaffe-filled presidential run and presidency, but Biden thus far has refused to do so or, if he has, make the results public.

In late September, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre became somewhat flustered when she was pressed by reporters about Biden’s seemingly worsening cognitive problems.

It came after Biden, at an event, appeared to be looking for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.), who died in a motor vehicle accident in August.

“And I want to thank all of you here, including bipartisan elected officials like Representative McGovern, Senator Braun, Senator Booker, Representative — Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I didn’t think she was — she wasn’t going to be here — to help make this a reality. And thanks to Senator Stabenow, Representative DeLauro for their leadership,” he said.


Jean-Pierre was repeatedly asked about the mistake.

“What happened in the hunger event today? The President appeared to look around the room for an audience member, a member of Congress who passed away last month. He seemed to indicate she might be in the room.  What happened there?” a reporter said.

“So the President was, as you all know — you guys were watching today’s event, a very important event on food insecurity. The President was naming the congressional champions on this issue and was acknowledging her incredible work. He had — he had already planned to welcome the congresswoman’s family to the White House on Friday. There will be a bill signing in her honor this coming Friday,” the press secretary said.


“So, of course, she was on his mind. She was of top of mind for the President. He looks — very much looks forward to discussing her remarkable legacy of public service with them when he sees her family this coming Friday,” she said.

“He said, ‘Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? She must not be here,’” the reporter said.

“No, I totally understand. I just — I just explained she was on top of mind. You know, this wasn’t — what we were able to witness today and what the President was able to lift up in this — at this conference at this event was how her — her focus on wanting to deal with, combat food — food insecurity in America. And this is something that he was lifting up and honoring,” the press secretary said.

“And, again, he knows that he’s going to see her family this coming Friday. There’s a bill signing that’s going to happen in renaming a VA clinic in Indiana after the late congresswoman. He knows that he is going to see her family, and she was at top of mind,” she said.


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