Biden Admin’s ‘Alcohol Czar’ Hints At Limiting Americans Beer Consumption


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President Joe Biden’s administration is considering a controversial policy change that could see Americans having their beer consumption recommendations severely limited.

George Koob, the Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, said that the limit could be two beers per week, following the example of Canada, The Daily Mail reported.

“If there’s health benefits, I think people will start to re-evaluate where we’re at [in the US],” he said of watching what Canada has done.

The current recommended limit for women is one beer per day, while for men, the number is two.

The guidelines are set to be reviewed again in 2025, and Dr. Koob suggested that they would move more towards Canada’s limit of two daily.

“I mean, they’re not going to go up, I’m pretty sure,” he said. “So, if [alcohol consumption guidelines] go in any direction, it would be toward Canada.”


And, he said, contrary to popular belief, there are not many health benefits to drinking alcohol.

“Most of the benefits people attribute to alcohol, we feel they really have more to do with what someone’s eating rather than what they’re drinking,” he said.

“So it really has to do with the Mediterranean diet, socio-economic status, that makes you able to afford that kind of diet and make your own fresh food and so forth,” he said. ‘With this in mind, most of the benefits kind of disappear on the health side.”

The Daily Mail reported:

Canadian health chiefs admitted their new rules may be a ‘bit shocking’ when they were announced earlier this year.

The review process for Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2025 to 2030 has already begun — although the final version may not be published until the end of 2025.

America has been recommending a safe limit of up to two drinks per day for adult men and one for women since the 1990s.

In the past, studies suggested there may be some benefits to drinking — with resveratrol in red wine linked to a reduced risk of cancer and improved heart health.


In more recent years, the research has gone the other way, warning even consuming a small amount of alcohol is dangerous for health.

This is not the only thing the Biden nanny state wants to ban.

In March, President Biden issued a warning to those who support gun rights, and it is one many are taking seriously. In a speech on Wednesday, the president said that is going to get a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines “come hell or high water,” Fox News reported.

“I know it may make some of you uncomfortable, but that little state above me, Delaware, is one of them, has the highest rate, one of the highest rates of gun ownership. But guess what? We’re going to ban assault weapons again, come hell or high water, and high-capacity magazines. When we did it last time to reduce mass deaths,” he said at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.


The president went on to other issues, including taxes, as he spoke to the audience.

“Nobody, including the people who make a very good salary, for example, thinks the tax system is fair.  Go ask anybody.  Ask your friends or acquaintances — they’re making 2-, 3-, 4-, or 500,000 bucks a year, ‘Is it fair?’  They don’t think it’s fair!” he said.

“For example, when this administration started, there were a little under — a little over 600 billionaires in America. Now, there are about 1,000 of them. They should be paying a higher tax rate than a schoolteacher, a police officer, or someone who works as a nurse. It’s about 3 percent they’re paying,” the president said.

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