President Joe Biden Goes Off, Furious At Being Blamed For Inflation


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Inflation continues to rise, gas prices are going insane and it is getting tougher for Americans to make ends meet. And now they have to deal with President Joe Biden whining about it.

He spoke to Democrat lawmakers on Friday and complained about him and the party being blamed for all of these things for the simple fact being that they are the ones that control the executive and legislative branches of government, Newsmax reported.

“I’m sick of this stuff!” the president said to the attendees at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Philadelphia.

“We have to talk about it because the American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money — simply not true,” he complained.

He then argued that he was correct in canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline and said that it was barely built and has not affected prices.

“I love Republicans saying … Biden’s going to stop the Keystone pipeline. And I did. And that’s the reason prices went up. Folks, let’s get something straight here,” he said. “The Keystone pipeline was two years away and had been 2% finished.”

The president then deflected blame onto oil and gas companies, pointing out how there are 7,000 permits available for them to drill.


He claimed that “nothing is slowing” oil companies up from pumping more oil and that they would “rather take those profits and buy back stock.”

“Not a joke, not a joke,” he said.

Biden also warned Democrats that if they lose Congress in this year’s midterm election, he would be severely limited in his ability to pass the administration’s agenda.

“This off-year election, in my view, may be the most important off-year election in modern history,” he said. “Because we know what happens, we know the fundamental change that shifts if we lose the House and Senate; the only thing I’ll have then is a veto pen.”

He also talked about the war between Russia and Ukraine and complaints he has had in his own party that he had not done enough to help Ukraine.

“I know I’ve occasionally frustrated you,” he said in reference to a deal that his administration declined that would have sent Polish fighter jets to Ukraine.

“But more important than us moving when we want to is making sure all of NATO is together … they have different vulnerabilities than we do,” he said.

And his concerns are well founded as a recent poll by The Wall Street Journal reported.


The Journal said that 50 percent of voters named inflation as the top issue right now and 25 percent said that Russia and Ukraine war was at the top.

This is an issue for the president and Democrats because 63 percent of those polled did not approve of his handling of inflation and 47 percent said that Republicans are better equipped to handle it.

“More voters said that Republicans had a better plan to improve the economy, 45% to 37%, even though Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the party’s leaders in each chamber, have advanced few specific economic-policy proposals they would pursue if they controlled Congress,” The Journal said.

“This is a five-alarm fire for the Democratic Party,”  Tom Beaven, who founded Real Clear Politics, said.

“A lot of Democrats will want to use Trump as the boogeyman in the midterm elections, but he’s not on the ballot,” Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio said. “And that’s really important, given how important inflation and the economy are to voters.”

Democratic pollster John Anzalone, who was the head pollster in the presidential campaign of President Biden, painted a dim picture.

“The mood of the country hasn’t gotten any better since the last poll. In fact, it’s gotten a little worse,” he said.

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