Biden Admin Forced To Walk Back Controversial Tweet After Hamas Attack on Israel


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The Biden administration was lambasted over the weekend, and an agency of the State Department was forced to delete a tweet on the X platform following Hamas’ deadly sneak attack on Israel that has since left hundreds dead and many more wounded.

The deleted tweet from the U.S. Office Of Palestinian Affairs said: “We unequivocally condemn the attack of Hamas terrorists and the loss of life that has occurred. We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.”

According to reports on Monday, more than 800 Israelis have been killed and nearly 2,500 wounded.

Hamas, which has been designated a terrorist group by the State Department and which is believed to be funded, in large part, by Iran, attacked Israel on Saturday by launching thousands of missiles into the heart of the country.

In addition, Hamas forces have reportedly kidnapped scores of Israeli citizens and have executed Israeli civilians.

The clearly well-organized attack was the largest against Israel in decades. Besides thousands of missiles, Hamas forces also invaded several towns and settlements near Gaza.

Republicans ripped the Biden administration over the tweet.


“This is disgraceful and every single person involved in drafting and approving this tweet should be immediately expelled from the U.S. government,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote in response.

Later in the day, the State Dept. also criticized the tweet.

“The United States condemns the terrorist attack against Israel and unequivocally supports Israel’s right to defend itself, as the President and Secretary have both made clear,” a department spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon.

Len Khodorkovsky, a former deputy assistant secretary of state during the Trump administration, labeled the tweet “pathetic” and said a message of that nature “emboldens the terrorists and endangers the civilians.”

Meanwhile, members of the far-left congressional “Squad” were also blasted after they called for an immediate “ceasefire,” Fox News reported.

“Squad” leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) called for a “ceasefire and de-escalation” after the surprise terrorist attack.

“Today is devastating for all those seeking a lasting peace and respect for human rights in Israel and Palestine. I condemn Hamas’ attack in the strongest possible terms,” the New York Democrat said in a statement.

“No child and family should ever endure this kind of violence and fear, and this violence will not solve the ongoing oppression and occupation in the region,” Ocasio-Cortez continued.

“An immediate ceasefire and de-escalation is urgently needed to save lives,” she added, per Fox News.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) clapped back at her Democratic congressional colleague, calling her a “Hamas apologist.”

“Hamas apologist asking for ‘ceasefire’ after one side launches a massive terrorist attack. Nice try,” Mace wrote on the X platform.

Fox News reported on Monday that the Israel Defense Force was regaining previously captured ground:

The casualties numbers have continued to mount as the Israeli military regains control of the areas surrounding the Gaza border.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has deployed tens of thousands of troops to the region, and military officials have declared they will “kill every terrorist in Israel.

Israeli forces recaptured areas near the Gaza Strip that had been overrun in a Hamas mass-infiltration over the weekend, Reuters reported. The Israeli Defense Force re-established control of communities but isolated clashes remain throughout the country, a military spokesperson said on Monday.

In response, Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant ordered a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the strikes.

“I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip,” Gallant said during a press conference at the IDF Southern Command in Beersheba.

“There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. Everything is closed.”Gallant added: “We are fighting human animals, and we are acting accordingly.”

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