Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Under Fire After Old Tweets Surface About Jussie Smollett


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President Joe Biden is among the famous politicians and celebrities who are now humiliated after previous tweets supporting actor Jussie Smollett have begun being mocked on Twitter.

Many politicians and celebrities were quick to pounce on the hoax hate crime when the actor alleged he had been attacked by two white men in MAGA hats in Chicago at around 2 AM when the temperature was below freezing.

On Thursday the actor was sentenced to 150 days behind bars in addition to probation and fines after being convicted of faking the crime.

“What happened today to @JussieSmollett must never be tolerated in this country. We must stand up and demand that we no longer give this hate safe harbor; that homophobia and racism have no place on our streets or in our hearts. We are with you, Jussie,” the man who is no President of the United States tweeted on January 29, 2019.

But he was not the only one supporting the actor and his incredible tale.


.@JussieSmollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know. I’m praying for his quick recovery. This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate, Kamala Harris, who is now the Vice President of the United States, said.

“’When one of the most famous black and gay men in America is not safe, the message is clearer than it has ever been.’ The dangerous lies spewing from the right wing is killing & hurting our people. Thinking of you @JussieSmollett, and my LGBTQ neighbors,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib said.

“What happened to Jussie Smollett is vile and tragic; thankfully, he will recover. But hate crimes like this are happening more frequently, egged on by careless hate-filled rhetoric. We start reducing these crimes by rejecting the speech – neither can ever be accepted as normal,” Rep. Eric Swalwell said.

Waiting for the facts is not a priority for Democrat virtue signalers.

On Thursday the former “Empire” actor was sentenced to 150 days behind bars, 30 months felony probation a $25,000 fine and restitution to the city of Chicago by Judge James Linn on Thursday after he was convicted last year of lying to Chicago police about being the victim of a hate crime.

Smollett shouted after the verdict “I am not sucidial,” as he continued to proclaim his innocence. “I DID NOT DO THIS. I’m not suicidal. If anything happens to me when I go in there, you must all know that. Jail time, I am not suicidal,” he said.


Walking out of the court he continued shouting “I’m not suicidal and I’m innocent. I could have said I was guilty a long time ago.”

CNN reported:

Smollett, who is Black and gay, told Chicago police that on a frigid night in January 2019 two unknown men attacked him, yelled racist and homophobic slurs at him, poured bleach on him, and wrapped a noose around his neck.

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Chicago police investigated the case as a possible hate crime but soon determined the actor orchestrated the incident. They said he paid two brothers he knew from the Fox drama “Empire” to stage the incident for publicity.

The brothers, Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, were among seven witnesses for the prosecution at the trial. They testified that Smollett directed them and paid them to stage the attack in an attempt to garner sympathetic media coverage.

They said that they fake punched him, poured bleach on him, put a noose around his neck, and used racist and homophobic slurs – because he told them to.

Smollett testified in his own defense and said he paid the brothers only for training advice and nutritional tips. He cast doubt on their true motivations and said he had a sexual relationship with one of the brothers, which the brother denied.