Biden’s Path To Re-Election Narrows As Majority of Americans Voice Concerns


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President Joe Biden’s job approval ratings have been steadily falling in the wake of his announcement that he would seek another term, making his re-election path even narrower.

A new poll from Partners showed that 71 percent of Americans, including 49 percent of Democrats, believe Biden is too old to continue to be president. The poll also showed that 52 percent of Americans believe they are in a worse position now than they were before Biden became president.

“There are few things that unite American voters, but there is one: the belief that Biden is too old to be president,” James Johnson, one of the founders of J.L. Partners, said to the DailyMail.

“Decisive margins across all age groups, ethnic groups, and political parties agree with the sentiment. And worryingly for the current president, those most likely to say they are worse off under Biden’s policies include groups with disproportionate impact come to an election: Independent voters and 45-64-year-olds. Though he managed to avoid his age becoming a pivotal issue in 2020, it looks set to be the defining hesitation in voters’ minds next year,” Johnson said.

Another political insider has expressed the increasingly popular view that the aging President Joe Biden will not be physically or mentally capable of finishing his current term, much less a second one, should he win reelection next year.

Tudor Dixon, the GOP nominee who lost a tight race to incumbent Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last fall, told “Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla” that members of the president’s party are circling him “like vultures” because they see his political career coming to an “end” soon.


“It’s like vultures. I really think that. I was talking about this the other day. I said it’s sort of like vultures circling him, like they know that it’s close to the end. What end? I’m not sure. Is it just the end of the presidency? Is it the end of something more? I don’t know what they think, but it really feels as though we’re being duped,” she told Failla.

She also predicted that two other Democrats would enter the race for the 2024 nominee.

“Like everybody’s going, oh, you’re running against this guy with these really low poll numbers. But then it’s like, Gavin Newsom is going to come up with Gretchen Whitmer on his arm and they’re going to come out as a team, and everybody’s going to go, yeah, I really like them. They look good,” she said.

Earlier this month, a long-time political watcher and analyst said he believes that Biden won’t make it through the upcoming primaries and will have to drop out of the race.

Hugh Hewitt made his bold prediction this week after Biden fell again — this time reportedly tripping on a sandbag placed on a stage where he had given the commencement speech to the graduating Air Force Academy class in Colorado.


“Hewitt sees the race shaping up similarly to the 1968 one when then-President Lyndon Johnson told the nation he would not seek re-election after barely winning the first Democratic primary contest,” The Western Journal reported.

Biden will be 82 on inauguration day in January 2025 if he wins re-election.

He would be 86 when his term ends. Several medical experts and other observers have repeatedly noted a significant decline in his physical and mental capabilities already and have suggested that the deterioration will only continue.

In an interview with Fox News’s Dana Perino, Hewitt was asked to respond to a puff piece published by The New York Times after Biden’s fall that acknowledged his age but essentially claimed he was still able to perform the duties of his office.

“I’m reminded of 1968. Lyndon Johnson was going to run for re-election. I think you’ll see an exit in the course of the primaries because if I am a [Machiavellian], I don’t want the president dumping out if I’m a Democrat. I don’t want Vice President [Kamala] Harris commanding the field,” Hewitt said.

He also predicted that Newsom was gearing up for a run.

“You do have [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom on the bench and warming up. He’s in the bullpen. Got a couple of other Democrats out there,” Hewitt added.

In April, Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Media and a former GOP presidential contender, also predicted that Biden would drop out.

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