Joe Biden Makes Debut On World Stage: Glitchy Video Call, Gets Accused of Stealing ‘Build Back Better’ Slogan

Written by Carmine Sabia

This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

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President Joe Biden is making a drastic change to the way foreign policy is going to be conducted during his administration.

It will not even be remotely close to what former President Donald Trump employed as he will abandon the “America First” policy, The Daily Mail reported.

President Joe Biden will make his debut on the world stage on Friday in a pair of speeches where he will claim the ‘America First’ era is over, warn of attacks on democracy by Russia and address a range of concerns about China.

Biden will speak at a virtual G7 summit, addressing the leaders of the world’s richest countries, and then make remarks to the annual Munich Security Conference. Both events are virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

In his dual speeches, the president will make clear the United States will re-engage on the world stage after four years of Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ isolationist strategy but he will not spend his time repudiating his predecessor.

A senior administration official said that the president’s intention is to “declare that America is back and the transatlantic alliance is back.”

Isn’t that nice? We are back to footing the bill and being stepped on by other nations.

“The focus of his speech tomorrow is not Donald Trump and what happened over the last four years,” the senior official said.

The focus of his comments will be on three things. Namely the global coronavirus pandemic, the worldwide economic fallout from it and climate change.

The official said that the president will promote “’a robust agenda of measures to address the global climate crisis.”

But he will also include a promise to give more of our taxpayer dollars away to the world during the virtual visit.

He will pledge $4 billion for global coronavirus vaccination efforts, bring the United States back into the Paris climate accord, and he will discuss his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure that he believes could be a boon to both the domestic and international economies.

He will also talk about the importance of democracy, a reference to the January 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

“He will make a strong, confident case that democracy is the best model for meeting the challenges of our time,” the senior official said. “Democracy doesn’t happen by accident. We need to fight for it.”

President Biden will also call on partners to help “push back aggressively” against Russian efforts to interfere with Western democracies.

And he will have some strong words for China and its “economically abusive” policies that do damage to the ability of other nations to compete.

This was a policy of former President Trump and it remains to be seen precisely how aggressive President Biden will be with China.

“He will make clear in the speech that he’s not looking for confrontation, he’s not looking for a new Cold War, but he’s expecting stiff competition and he welcomes it,” the senior official said.

Britain is the host of this year’s G7 summit and it will be led by British Pri