Team Biden Eying A Huge Celebrity Surrogate: Taylor Swift


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President Joe Biden is facing historic lows in his disapproval ratings and is actively seeking ways to reinvigorate his campaign with new, young energy. Meanwhile, his likely opponent in the upcoming election, former President Donald Trump, continues to gain traction in the Republican primaries.

To give his re-election bid a “fresh feel,” Biden’s team is exploring potential endorsements from prominent figures, including celebrities. One name that has come up is Taylor Swift, who is one of the nation’s biggest stars and holds the record for the first artist to see a tour gross over $1 billion, with 4.35 million tickets sold across 60 tour dates in 2023.

Biden and his team are particularly concerned about reaching voting blocs that are trending away from the president, including young, black, and Latino voters. In 2020, Biden won young voters by 20 percentage points, but he is now tied with Trump among this demographic. This is due, in part, to concerns over Biden’s age, his stance on Israel, and the state of the economy. Democratic allies and lawmakers are worried about Biden’s chances of winning these voters over and securing a second term.

“To reach young voters, Biden’s campaign has focused heavily on social media, using videos from influencers and even those with a niche following to promote its message. The president recently visited the home of a man who had his federal loans canceled through Biden’s program, a focal point of Biden’s reelection campaign. The man’s son posted a video of Biden’s visit on TikTok, drawing millions of views,” the Washington Examiner reported.


“The campaign is discussing opportunities for celebrities to promote the president on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, according to the New York Times. There are plans to hold a fundraiser with two former Democratic presidents, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, sources told NBC News. However, the end game is to receive an endorsement from Swift, who has become influential both on and off the stage on social media. Her recent appearances at NFL games have grown her fan base dramatically as well,” the outlet added.

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In 2020, Taylor Swift showed her support for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign by endorsing him. Her single post on Instagram resulted in 35,000 new voter registrations.


Swift’s fundraising efforts on behalf of Biden could potentially result in millions of dollars being funneled into the campaign. There have even been discussions about inviting Biden to one of Swift’s Eras Tour shows, which is set to continue with its second leg starting on Feb. 7 in Tokyo, Japan.

Other Democratic figures have also recognized the potential benefits of having Swift rally behind the cause. Governor Gavin Newsom of California encouraged Swift to become more involved with Biden’s campaign following her get-out-the-vote post on Instagram.

“Taylor Swift stands tall and unique,” the California governor said. “What she was able to accomplish just in getting young people activated to consider that they have a voice and that they should have a choice in the next election, I think, is profoundly powerful.”

Vice President Kamala Harris is touring nationwide to engage young voters instead of relying on celebrity endorsements. In a recent interview, she praised Generation Z as a “terrific generation.”

“It’s a lived experience for them,” Harris said. “They’ve only known the climate crisis. Most of them have endured active shooter drills between kindergarten and 12th grade. During the height of their reproductive years, they saw the court take away an essential right for them. And so traveling the country makes a difference to one, listen, but to remind people that they are being seen and that what they do matters, including that they vote.”