Yikes: Biden Tries Giving Trump A New Nickname

Things continue to go from bad to worse for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Still facing serious and credible allegations from a former Senate staffer that he sexually assaulted her years ago, Biden is now trying — and failing — to give President Donald Trump a new nickname.

Biden released a video this week and it was plagued with issues, such as birds chirping loudly and a random man appearing in the clip behind Biden in the distance.

But things got very weird when Biden announced that he was going to be calling Trump, “President Tweety.”

“Trump is out there tweeting again this morning. I call him ‘President Tweety,’” Biden announced while speaking to the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Victory Fund.


Trump is known for labeling his political opponents with nicknames.

For example, here are a few examples:

  • Trump calls Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”
  • He calls Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Democrat who falsely claimed to have fought in the Vietnam War, “Da Nang Dick”
  • Trump refers to Rep. Maxine Waters as “Mad Maxine”
  • He calls Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary”
  • Trump refers to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer as “Lyin’ Chuck”

These nicknames work because they are catchy and Trump actually has a reason to refer to these people by those particular names.

With Biden, his nickname for Trump is lame. There’s no real “shock value” to it. Trump would laugh and feel bad for “Sleepy Joe,” as he calls him, if he heard that nickname.

Beyond that, Biden has bigger issues on his plate than trying to insult Trump.

The allegations against Biden kicked up a notch in recent weeks after several witnesses and a resurfaced video clip seem to further corroborate Tara Reade’s timeline and claims.

Reade, who served as a staffer to Biden when he was in the U.S. Senate, recently alleged that he sexually assaulted her back in 1993.

A damning video clip resurfaced last month of Reade’s mother calling in to “Larry King Live” on CNN in 1993.

Reade’s mother can be heard asking King for advice on what to do as her daughter had a “problem” senator, at that time Biden’s position.

Reade alleges that Biden was kissing her and asking her if she “wanted to go somewhere else,” and that after the alleged assault was complete, he said, “C’mon man, I heard you liked me.”

Reade has also said she is willing to testify under oath about her allegations.

The law firm representing Reade recently sent a letter to Biden calling on him to open up his University of Delaware archives for a search of all records related to Reade’s alleged sexual harassment claim.

Generally speaking, Democrats do not seem to care at all about the sexual assault allegations that have been levied against Biden.

A few weeks ago, a Democratic state legislator in New Hampshire resigned after he made a highly inappropriate comment about Reade.