Biden White House Removes Hunter’s Name From Visitor Logs, Though Obama Admin Disclosed Them


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A review of White House visitor logs has found that from the beginning of the Biden administration through February of this year, they do not contain any of Hunter Biden’s visits or extended stays at the residence, according to a report published Wednesday.

The review conducted by Fox News Digital casts further doubt on the Biden administration’s claim that it is the “most transparent in American history,” the outlet noted.

“Fox News Digital reviewed several articles to piece together Hunter Biden’s whereabouts during his dad’s administration and found that he has visited the White House over a dozen times through February 2023, the month accounted for in the most recent batch of visitor logs released last month,” the report said.

“A majority of the White House visits that Fox News Digital found were from 2022, which include the annual egg roll, Medal of Freedom ceremony, France State Dinner on the South Lawn, Christmas tree lighting, his daughter’s wedding, among others. However, they are all absent from the visitor logs, including what appear to be extended stays at the White House,” the report added.

While numerous events held at the White House are largely ceremonial and steeped in tradition, Fox News Digital has previously reported on Hunter Biden’s attempts to capitalize on these events for his personal financial benefit during the Obama administration.


Hunter, along with his longstanding business partner Eric Schwerin, reportedly collaborated with his father’s White House staff to extend invitations to business associates and potential partners they were attempting to establish connections with during official events, Fox News Digital noted.

When questioned about the absence of Hunter Biden’s visits in the White House logs, a spokesperson directed Fox News Digital’s attention to a policy that was issued at the beginning of the current administration.

“The White House will not release access records related to purely personal guests of the First and Second Families (i.e., visits that do not involve any official or political business),” the policy states — which is far less transparent than the Obama administration, during which Joe Biden served as vice president.

The outlet noted:


A Fox News Digital review found that while the Obama administration does not reveal all the Biden family member visits and omitted several Hunter visits, they included over 70 logs, including Hunter, Hunter’s daughters and now ex-wife, Biden’s brothers and other relatives.

In addition to Hunter, several other Biden family members are absent on the visitor logs from the Biden administration, including President Biden’s brothers, his daughter, his granddaughters, among others. While his sister, Valerie Biden Owens or Valerie J. Owens, shows up a few times as visiting the White House, she has likely visited several more times due to her role as her brother’s closest confidante and her close working relationship with several members of Biden’s senior staff.

Hunter Biden, accompanied by his wife Melissa Cohen Biden, sister Ashley Biden, and aunt Valerie Owens, attended the state dinner held in December 2022 to honor French President Emmanuel Macron. However, their names were not included in the listed attendees.

According to the New York Post, Hunter Biden has been spotted frequently at the White House between March and June 2023, months for which visitor logs have not yet been made available, leading to speculation that he may be residing there on a full-time basis.

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy previously stated on “Fox & Friends” in April that it remains uncertain whether Hunter is living there full-time, but acknowledged, “We do see him a lot.”

“Hunter was listed as a guest at the White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his wife” last week as well, the outlet reported.

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