Biden’s Pre-Super Bowl ‘Shrinkflation’ Video Mercilessly Mocked


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President Joe Biden was widely mocked and criticized on social media Sunday after his campaign dropped a video in which he blamed companies for ‘shrinking’ the size and portion of their products while continuing to charge the same amount of money for them.

The “shrinkflation” video appears to have been shot in the White House movie theater, and in some scenes, the president is surrounded by packages of snacks.

Biden once said, “If you’re like me, you like to be around a snack or two while watching the big game.”

“As an ice cream lover, what makes me the most angry is that ice cream cartons have actually shrunk in size but not in price,” Biden remarked. “I’ve had enough of what they call shrinkflation; it’s a rip-off.”

“The American public is tired of being played for suckers,” Biden continued.

Several social media users blasted Biden for his inflationary economic policies, which they suggested were responsible for companies having to adjust in order to remain in business and keep Americans employed.


“Joe Biden, whose economic policies created the highest inflation in 40 years, blamed companies for shrinking the size of their products,” Outkick’s Clay Travis wrote. “This is the video he chose to make instead of doing a Super Bowl interview.”

“Typical communist tactic: Don’t blame the poor economic policies, blame the companies for adjusting to the poor economic policies (so they can stay afloat and keep Americans employed). If you don’t hate communists yet, you’re not paying attention,” another account noted in a post containing the video.

“How is this worthy of the office of the president, particularly when POTUS’s fiscal policy was a big driver of inflation?” wrote investor Bill Ackman, who was instrumental in exposing the plagiarism accusations that led to the resignation of disgraced former Harvard University president Claudine Gay.

Steve Cortes, who advised former President Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, also noted the heavy editing involved in making the video, as Biden still appeared feeble in many shots.

The video was “highly produced, and he still comes across as SO feeble, I can’t believe they’re posted it,” he wrote, adding that borrowing or printing money “causes Inflation, not food companies. Biden inflicts incredible harm upon American buying power.”


Harmeet Dhillon, who challenged Ronna McDaniel for the Republican National Committee Chair position last year, wrote: “How stupid do Obama’s advisors think we are? This is the least of our worries.”

Stephen Miller, the former speechwriter for Trump who founded America First Legal after their term ended, noted: “Fact check true: your dollar is worth far less under Biden.”

“Biden just told America the economy sucks and he has no idea how inflation works,” author and conservative pundit Brenden Dilley wrote.

“Is this real? AI? Deepfake?” noted conservative pundit Byron York. “Joe Biden, of all people, is outraged by inflation and wants companies to ‘put a stop’ to it?”

“Shrinkflation so bad it’s hitting your remaining brain cells. Imagine being so dumb you admit what’s happened under your administration,” added Jack Posobiec of Human Events.

A noted political analyst and mainstream media columnist argued on Saturday that the reason the White House decided against allowing Biden to sit for a pre-game Super Bowl interview for the second year in a row is fear he’d say something “stupid.”

“On the age issue, I think it’s a perfectly legitimate issue. Listen, I have been interviewing Joe Biden for 30 years. He’s not as quick as he was. I say he was a pitcher — used to do it, throw 94, now throws 87 [mph]. So the age is a factor, and you got to think, it’s 86, he will be if he’s reelected,” New York Times columnist David Brooks told NPR.

“It’s a totally legitimate issue. His staff seems to think it’s a legitimate issue because they act like he has a big problem. I was stunned that he turned down the Super Bowl interview for the second year in a row this time. Your guy is behind. You have a chance for an easy interview to talk to tens of millions of people, and you turn it down because they’re so cautious, the staff thinks he will say something stupid?” Brooks added.

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