Biden’s Cognitive Decline ‘Going to Get Worse’ Says Former WH Doctor


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President Joe Biden’s current cognitive state is already putting the country at risk, but it’s only “going to get worse,” according to a former White House doctor who served during Biden’s vice presidency.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, who is now a GOP congressman from Texas, has regularly sounded the alarm bell regarding Biden’s obvious decline in mental capacity and did so again this week as it becomes more apparent that the president is struggling more.

“[The decline is] happening quickly,” Jackson told “Sunday Morning Futures” guest host Sean Duffy, Fox News reported.

“Like you said, I’ve taken care of three presidents… so I know firsthand what it takes to be the commander-in-chief and the head of state. It’s a grueling job, both mentally and physically. This man can’t do the job. He’s proven to us every single day that he can’t do the job, but this is going to get worse,” Jackson continued.

Jackson served as a physician under the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations.


“It’s just unbelievable how much he’s degenerated just during his time in office. We cannot afford to have this man in office for the remainder of this term and then [for] another four years after that. He’s already putting us at great risk right now,” Jackson continued, noting the big change he has seen in Biden since he began running for president in 2019.

Biden just turned 81.

Jackson went on to list a number of concerns he has for the direction of the country, including a potential new war overseas, the ongoing migrant crisis at the southwestern border, the economy, and other issues.

“[Look at] the wars that we’re getting drawn into. Things that wouldn’t happen if Donald Trump were there because our enemies don’t fear us anymore. They have no respect for us anymore and our adversaries don’t trust us anymore, and it’s because we don’t have the leadership in the White House that we need,” he told Duffy.


“It’s because this man, even if he wanted to, he cannot provide that leadership. He is not physically and cognitively fit for office anymore, and somebody in his inner circle needs to step up to the plate and make him aware of this, and he needs to move on for the safety and security of this country,” Jackson continued.

After Biden fell on stage during the Air Force Academy commencement over the summer, Jackson expressed additional concerns that the president is no longer up for the job.

“I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I’m just going to say it again: This man’s not fit mentally or physically to be our president,” Jackson said during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday.

“It’s just a bad situation for us,” he continued. “Part of the job of the president of the United States is to inspire confidence and to project power. And he’s not doing that. He can’t do that. He’s too old to do that.”

“And I just, I think it’s a shame that his … lack of physical ability and his physical decline is now starting to highlight the cognitive decline that we’ve been watching for so long now,” Jackson noted further. “And it’s a package that just doesn’t sell well around the world. And it’s becoming a national security issue for us. We have to do something about it.”

Early in his first term, there were reports that some White House aides were “concerned” about then-President Donald Trump’s mental health, leading to mentions of using the 25th Amendment to remove him.

Those discussions did not go anywhere, obviously, but there haven’t been similar rumblings about Biden, though his physical and mental decline are outwardly more significant.

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