Biden’s Open Border Policies Backfiring With Latinos: Report


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If President Joe Biden and his advisers believed that a quasi-open borders policy towards migrants would help him and Democrats with the Latino vote, they have all miscalculated, according to a new survey from the University of Houston.

Bill King, writing for Real Clear Politics, broke down the results of the survey which was specific to Texas voters, a state with a heavy Latino population.

“The poll unsurprisingly projected that Biden and Trump were headed to another showdown in November, and that Trump was leading Biden in that rematch by 9% in Texas,” he wrote, citing the results. “However, what I suspect the Biden campaign team found shocking was that Biden was losing to Trump with Latino voters by a 47-41 margin.

“Only 55% of Latino Democratic primary voters said they were committed to vote for Biden. The other 45% were undecided,” King noted further.

He added:


I have watched for years as pundits and political consultants from both parties, who were mostly white, have made assumptions about how Latino voters felt about issues and how they would likely vote. The near universal mistake these consultants and pundits have made for years was that immigration was the paramount issue for the Latino community and that they wanted more liberal immigration laws. Both assumptions were wrong.

First, there is no monolithic “Latino community.” Those of Mexican American heritage are the predominant group but there are also Americans from every other country in Central and South America. And they all have very different perspectives on just about every aspect of life, and especially on politics.

King, a businessman and lawyer who is a former opinion columnist and editorial board member at the Houston Chronicle, and has served in a number of election positions, went on to note that even among families that came to the U.S. from Mexico are vastly different.

“Also, immigration is hardly the only issue that Latinos are concerned about. I had dinner with some members of the Texas House of Representatives a couple of years ago about the prospect of starting a new party in Texas. The group was evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. All but one of the Democrat members were Latino,” he wrote.


He said that he asked each participant why they were not satisfied with their existing party affiliation, noting that one Latino member “told me his family were devout Catholics” and thus were opposed to abortion. He said he “was tired of his party ‘looking down’ on him because of his faith.”

Another Democratic participant said, “Defund the police, my ass – half my family works in law enforcement.”

“Another shared that his family was in the oilfield service business, and he was worried that Biden’s green energy agenda was going to hurt their family’s business and the economy of the area he represented. Immigration never came up during the dinner,” King said.

The former op-ed writer went on to point out that a recent University of Texas survey found that 71 percent of Latinos backed “tightening U.S. border security and providing Border Patrol with increased technology, infrastructure, and personnel.” He also noted the share of Latinos who supported those initiatives wasn’t far behind whites at 85 percent and blacks at 81 percent.

“It seems clear that Biden’s lax border policies are hurting him in Texas across every demographic group, including Latinos,” King noted, adding that Latinos as a group also have widely divergent views about border security, deportation, DACA, and U.S. companies hiring illegal aliens.

Had Biden “simply admitted that some of Trump’s border policies were working and then pressed to pass some badly needed reforms to the immigration system, he would not be in the mess he is now,” King concluded.

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