Bill Clinton Helped Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Escape’ The Convicted Sex Criminal: Report


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Accused sex trafficker and Jeffrey Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly used former President Bill Clinton to “escape” from the clutches of Epstein when her relationship with the disgraced billionaire was on the wane.

Maxwell was reportedly considered by Clinton’s personal staff to be “just as important” as Epstein for raising money for the Clinton Foundation.


According to New York Times bestselling author Vicky Ward, the former president made previously undisclosed trips to India, China, Japan, and Taiwan on Epstein’s private jet in February 2005 and November 2003.

Ward said that on the trip to India in 2003, Maxwell was part of the Clinton party and stayed at the same hotel as Clinton and his entourage.

The Daily Mail reported:

A report on Kaiser Health News from November 2003 talks about Clinton visiting a generic drug maker to show support for lowering the cost of AIDS drugs.

press release by the Clinton Foundation from 2006 refers to Clinton visiting India in November 2003 where pharmaceutical companies agreed to lower the price of antiretroviral medicines used to treat HIV by more than 50 percent.

Ward described Maxwell as being part of the 20 or so people who traveled with Clinton and stayed at his hotel.

Speaking on the podcast “Chasing Ghislaine,” Ward claims that Maxwell, who was convicted sex criminal Epstein’s closest associate, wanted to “escape” Epstein during the period and used Clinton to facilitate it.

“Ghislaine used former President Bill Clinton for her escape. Remember, Clinton’s post-presidency was an exciting, very attractive place to be,” said Ward, according to the Daily Mail.

“He and an entourage went on fascinating trips to Europe, to Asia, to Africa and he met with extremely interesting people. Now, records I’ve seen recently show that in 2003, Ghislaine visited the Taj Mahal with Bill Clinton and a group of around 20 others. This trip has not previously been reported. Jeffrey wasn’t on it. And that was key in cementing Ghislaine’s rise as a VIP in her own right in Clinton World, according to sources close to Bill Clinton,” Ward added.

Christopher Mason, a British journalist covering the topic, described Maxwell as “always on her way to something, to see someone of extraordinary importance. She was very excited by what she was about to do. And she told me that she was off to see Bill Clinton, and that – that seemed to be a leitmotif in her conversation for quite a long time.”

“I’ve also only recently learned from sources close to Bill Clinton that he and his post-presidency staff considered Ghislaine to be just as important as Jeffrey — if not more so,” Ward added. “She was the go-to person for ‘financial asks’ for Jeffrey’s money by the Clinton Foundation and then the Global Initiative. … This meant that Ghislaine was constantly being asked to Clinton VIP gatherings.”

As detailed by the Daily Wire, a former aide of Clinton’s, Doug Band, told Vanity Fair that he tried to get Clinton to break ties with Epstein in as early as 2002.


The article reported:

A Clinton family spokesperson said Chelsea was on friendly terms with Maxwell because of a mutual friend (Gateway computer founder Ted Waitt) and only took one yacht trip with Maxwell in 2009: “It wasn’t until 2015 that Chelsea became aware of the horrific allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell and she hopes that all the victims find justice. Chelsea was friendly with her because of Maxwell’s relationship with a dear friend. When that relationship ended, Chelsea’s relationship with her ended as well.”

In late October 2011, Band instructed Bill Clinton’s office to bar Maxwell from all Clintonworld events as a way of driving a wedge between Maxwell and Chelsea. “I knew in telling everyone to stop including Ghislaine that Chelsea and her father would be very angry. It made it harder for them to justify being close to her,” Band said.

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