Black Lives Matter Leader Says They Are Developing Military Arm To Take On Police

A Black Lives Matter leader gave an ominous warning to the United States as he claimed his groups has “special forces” and that they will use them in a war against the police.

The Greater New York chapter of Black Lives Matter chairman, Hawk Newsome, said that he is “mobilizing” and the goal is to  to create a highly-trained “military” arm to go toe to toe with the police, The Daily Mail reported.

“It’s our obligation, it is our duty to provide people with a pathway forward,” the Black Lives Matter leader said to The Mail.

“’We want liberation. We want the power to determine our own destiny. We want freedom from an oppressive government, and we want the immediate end of government sanctioned murder by the police.

“And we prepare to stop these government sanctioned murders by any means necessary.

“We are preparing and training our people to defend our communities,” the leader said.

He gave the interview to The Mail during a trip to Los Angeles in June to meet with other top brass and “military leaders” of the group.

The meeting was hosted in the office of Nick Cannon, a Black Lives Matter supporter, actor and comedian who has caused controversy in some of his recent remarks where he called white people “savages.”

In a conference room at the trendy compound in Burbank, Newsome said the group hammered out details of the ‘Black Opts’ blueprint – which stands for Black Opportunities – a new direction he hopes will be the beginning of the liberation of black people.

Black Lives Matter has tens of thousands of activists protesting the death of George Floyd in dozens of cities around America and across the world.

And BLM’s Greater New York chapter has emerged at the forefront of the movement as black rights become a topic for debate.

Newsome, 43, an imposing 6ft 6in, who wore shades and smoked a thick cigar for our photo shoot, believes his group can lead the ‘war on police’.

“We’re talking about self-defense. We’re talking about defending our communities,” he said while at the same time blaming police for the escalation in tensions with the black community.

“You know what it’s like to see a taser pointed at a seven-year-old, you know what it’s like to see a 67-year-old black woman… pepper sprayed and pushed to the ground?” Newsome  said.

“We have black Special Forces officers advising us, and we will teach and train people in our communities, the Black Ops department of Black Opportunities,” he said.

“What we’ll see is people put in place to defend our communities from police who will murder us and get away with it,” he said.

Police spend a tremendous portion of their time protecting innocent, law abiding black Americans from criminals in many of their communities, and declaring war on them is not going to do anything to help the situation.

A declaration of war like this against the police should be met with an investigation into the Black Lives Matter organization and what its intentions really are.