Boebert Gets Dose Of Bad News After Switching Colorado Districts


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Rep. Lauren Boebert’s gambit to change congressional districts in her state of Colorado to ones that are more favorable to Republicans might not work out that well for her, according to a new straw poll.

Boebert, who is currently serving her second term, came in fifth place in a candidate poll for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District seat, currently held by retiring Rep. Ken Buck (R).

Many people believed that her decision to enter the crowded primary race in the predominately conservative district was an attempt to avoid the risk of losing in the more competitive 3rd District, where she had only won by a margin of 546 votes in 2022. In that district, she was already facing a primary challenge, and there were expectations of a rematch with Democrat Adam Frisch, who had raised more funds than her, Newsweek reported.

During a debate in Fort Lupton on Thursday night, Boebert openly acknowledged that she recognized the need to garner the support of voters in the 4th District. “I am here to earn your support and your vote,” she said. “This is not a coronation.”

A straw poll conducted among 100 Republicans at the debate suggested that she is confronted with a challenging task in winning the nomination against her rivals, some of whom have spent their entire lives in the district and currently hold positions in Colorado’s legislature representing parts of it.


Newsweek added: “She got 12 votes in the poll, according to The Denver Post. With 22 votes, Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg won the poll. State Representative Mike Lynch came in second with 20, conservative radio host Deborah Florida came in third with 18, and State Representative Richard Holtorf came in third with 17.”

Boebert announced her decision to switch districts in December, calling it a “fresh start” after her divorce.

“It’s the right move for me, and it’s the right decision for those who support our conservative movement. This is the right move for Colorado for us,” said Boebert. “2024 is going to be tough, we cannot lose the third, and Colorado’s fourth district is hungry for an unapologetic defender of freedom with a proven track record of standing strong for conservative principles. We have to protect our majority in the House, win the Senate, and win the presidency.”

Boebert accused “Hollywood elites and progressive money groups” of trying to “buy” her current district after Frisch brought in a large amount of campaign money this year, the Daily Caller reported. According to Federal Election Commission filings, Frisch has raised a total of $7.8 million this year and has $4.3 million cash on hand.


According to FiveThirtyEight’s survey compilation, a recent poll had Frisch beating Boebert by 2 points, while a poll from earlier this year had the two running neck-and-neck.

In her Facebook video, Boebert said she plans to move to the 4th district soon, which is on the opposite side of Colorado. The Daily Caller noted that Buck’s district leans heavily Republican, so she will not have as difficult a time of winning his seat.

The Cook Political Report characterizes the 4th Congressional District as “Solid Republican,” whereas Boebert’s seat is currently in the “Toss Up” category.

“Personally, this announcement is a fresh start following a pretty difficult year for me and my family. I’ve never been in politics before, and I’ve never been through a divorce, something I never intended to go through. I’ve made my own personal mistakes, and I’ve owned up and apologized for them,” said Boebert. “It’s tested my faith, my strength, and my abilities both as a mom and a congresswoman. It’s been humbling and challenging, but it’s also given me perspective and helped me grow.”

Earlier this year, Boebert divorced her husband after 20 years, then engaged in a short but tumultuous relationship with a Democrat who owns an LGBT-friendly bar. They were captured on video engaging in intimate behavior during the musical “Beetlejuice,” and they were eventually booted from the theater for vaping and being loud.

One video appeared to show the Colorado Republican groping her date and him doing the same to her, which may have violated public decency laws in the state, though she won’t be charged, according to Newsweek.

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