Boebert Unleashes on Biden: ‘Rules For Thee But Not For My Crackhead Parmesan-Smoking Gun Criminal Son’


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Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert went scorched earth on Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats over their latest push for “gun control.”

During a fiery speech from the House floor, Boebert also thanked Democrats for driving record numbers of gun sales.

“Madame Speaker, I want to begin this evening by thanking my Democrat colleagues for their outstanding work in encouraging millions of Americans to celebrate their Second Amendment rights by purchasing their first, second, or even 100th firearm,” Boebert said.

“From the left’s riots in cities across America to Biden’s threats to strip away our basic constitutional rights, Democrats are single-handedly responsible for the sale of tens of millions of firearms. Bravo. Well done,” she added.


“Now, I have some questions for these freedom haters. When are you going to call on the chief executive, the basement dweller, to hold his own son accountable for his gun crimes?” Boebert said.

She was referring to reports that Hunter Biden may have lied on federal firearms form to purchase a handgun.

Boebert noted that lying on a federal firearms application is punishable by up to 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.


“Of which, 10 percent will not be going to the ‘big guy,’” Boebert quipped, citing reports that a percentage of money Hunter Biden earned on business deals he kicked back to his father.

Boebert then dropped an explosive line: “Rules for thee, but not for my crackhead, parmesan smoking, gun criminal son.”

“That’s just the start of the hypocrisy. Biden will call widely-purchased firearms ‘weapons of war,’ but then he’ll tell you that you need an F-15 or a nuke to keep the federal government in check,” Boebert said.

“He will target so-called ‘merchants of death,’ but celebrate the 600 abortion clinics across America,” she continued.

“This regime will encourage riots, defund the police and try to take away Americans’ right to self-defense. Madame Speaker, the American people are not on board with the Biden regime’s hypocritical gun-grabbing. Instead, they are buying guns at a record rate,” she noted further.


The Colorado Republican went on to say that Democrats “can keep running their mouths and we will keep adding to our arsenals.”


Joe Biden is playing a major role in pushing more Americans to legally purchase firearms and ammunition.

“Industry officials said that June sales were the second-highest ever for the month, at about 1.3 million. Only June 2020 had a higher number for that month, at 2,177,586,” the Washington Examiner reported. “FBI background checks are also rolling to new highs. Through just the first six months of the year, they are already higher than for all of 2014, indicating that 2021 will see a new high of over 40 million.”

“To be clear, June 2021 is the second-highest June on record,” said Mark Oliva, spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

As reported by Conservative Brief last month, Biden is the best gun-seller in America.

As Biden doubles down on his gun control stance, Smith & Wesson just reported its best sales year ever in 2020 with over $1.1 billion in net sales for the first time in the company’s history.

According to The Reload, Smith & Wesson’s sales were up by more than 100 percent from 2019. Smith & Wesson was not the only firearms manufacturer to make record revenues in 2020.

Ruger has reported a nearly 50% increase in net sales during the first quarter of 2021, while ammo manufacturers Olin Company and Vista Outdoor have seen “about a fourfold increase in their stock prices over the past year,” The Reload reported.


“Our fourth-quarter revenue of nearly $323 million was the highest quarter ever on record and marks the fourth consecutive record-breaking quarter for the company, capping off a year in which the company achieved just under $1.1 billion in revenue as I mentioned just now, surpassing the $1 billion mark for the first time in our history,” he said.

“Our manufacturing logistics teams produced and shipped nearly 2.5 million units last fiscal year, representing a 70% increase year on year, while during the same timeframe, the U.S. firearms market as measured by NICS grew by 42%,” he added.

CFO Deana McPherson said, “Our Board has authorized a new $50 million share repurchase program as well as a 60% increase in our quarterly dividend to 8 cents per share.”

Mark Oliva of The National Shooting Sports Foundation said that “every manufacturer right now is benefiting from this outsized level of demand that we’re witnesses. We are in a period of unprecedented demand. That’s undeniable.”

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