BUSTED – Pelosi Caught Lying About The Unthinkable

House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi is a lying machine, but it is rare that she, or any Democrats, gets called on it by the media.

But this time her lie was so egregious, so blatant, that even PolitiFact had to step in and set her straight.

The Congresswoman and impeachment maven retweeted a Wisconsin Democrat who said that the state was purging Democrat voters.

“Our plan to deal with the WI voter purge: – get the list – reach out & help folks re-register – make sure Dems vote in Apr 7 WI Sup Court race – repeat in fall 2020 … in short: don’t panic. Organize. Fuel our work, Wisconsin Democrat Part Chair Ben Wikler said.

The House Speaker seized on the tweet and called for voters to “organize,” because Democrats love to seize on fear.

“It’s beyond alarming that more than 200,000 registered Wisconsin voters will be prohibited from voting. Less than a year from the election, we must ensure @WisDems have the resources to respond with a massive voter registration effort. Don’t agonize. Organize!” she said.

For starters, the administration running Wisconsin is Democratic. Why would Democrats fight against their own party to suppress their votes?

Democrat Tony Evers is now the governor of the state, not Republican Scott Walker, which means that Democrats control the election rules.

But it is not a purge of voters as Democrats have claimed. What it is, is routine maintenance of the voter rolls, removing people who have moved.

“The state sent letters to about 234,000 people in October asking them to update their voter registration or confirm they were still at the same address. The Wisconsin Elections Commission planned to remove people from the rolls in 2021 if they didn’t take action before then,” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

“But three voters represented by the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty sued, arguing the state must take people off the rolls much more quickly.

“Malloy determined Friday that state law required the commission to remove people from the voter rolls 30 days after notifying them they were believed to have moved. He ordered the purging of the voter rolls,” it said.

Not even 10 percent of those who received the letters responded and of those only 2,300 respondents still lived at the addresses in question.

Of the ten percent who responded, around 16,500 of them said that they had moved to a new address, which means they have to register to vote again.

And more than a quarter of the letters came back to the state as “undeliverable.”

“Yes, the pruning process — if allowed by the courts — could potentially remove more than 200,000 people from the voting rolls before the upcoming elections. But there is no punitive element that would ban future voting. Everyone can re-register, even on Election Day,” PolitiFact said.

“The use of the word “prohibited,” in particular, goes too far, in that it suggests there is no way to vote in the future. We rate Pelosi’s claim Pants on Fire,” it said.

But telling the truth does not help the Speaker’s fear mongering campaign.