Poll: Dems Pick Stunning Favorite For ’24 Presidential Candidate To Replace Biden


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Democrat voters appear to be getting desperate to find a candidate for president in the next election as many have reservations about President Joe Biden’s age. In a recent poll a stunning name made it to the top of the list of candidates that Democrat voters want, Express reported.

The exclusive polling for Express was done by the Washington-based Democracy Institute and it found that 64 percent of Democrats believe that a female should be the candidate. Vice President Kamala Harris came in second place with 25 percent of the vote, former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tied for third with 20 percent of the vote, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren came in far behind at 8 percent.

But with 26 percent of the vote, the top choice for Democrats was the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, who resides in California with her husband Prince Harry.

“We have confirmed that most Democrats want a female and arguably demand a female candidate next time,” Democracy Institute director Patrick Basham said.

“It has been said for a few years that the Democrats will pretty soon be in a position where the national Democratic party stops nominating white heterosexual males as candidates.

“Previously we have had Michelle Obama in there, she is not a serious candidate because she does not appear to be serious about running,” she said.


“The elephant in the room on the Democratic side is Meghan Markle, who continues to make moves out there and I would argue test the water in various ways and in various senses.

“She finds herself partly because of her paint by numbers profile ahead,” she said.

“As a newcomer she hasn’t been tested and hasn’t been found to fail.

“She remains a viable contender if she chooses to go down that path,” she said.

Fox News host Jesse Watters delivered an interesting take regarding President Joe Biden’s chances of re-election in 2024.

Watters sounded off about a poll that found 44% of Democrats want another person to run in 2024 besides Biden. The poll found that 44% of Democrats want someone else to be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

“They [Democrats] don’t think that Joe Biden can win re-election,” Watters continued. “They think his presidency is so far costing them power in the house. Democrats obviously want their agenda enacted and so far Joe Biden has not really been effective in enacting their agenda.”

The host added, “Democrats want to be inspired. That’s why Democrats usually vote for the guy that sends the thrill down their leg … Is Joe Biden inspiring Democrats? No. He can barely make it through a speech on a teleprompter. He’s boring and threatening their hold on power.”

A separate poll recently found that only four in ten Democrats want Biden to run again in 2024.

Breitbart provided a breakdown of the findings:


The survey simply asked respondents, “Do you want Joe Biden to run for president again in 2024?”

Overall, just 22 percent of Americans said they want Biden to run again in 2024, while most, 54 percent, do not. Another 24 percent remain unsure. However, while one would assume Biden would see majority support from his Democrat base, that is not the case, as just 39 percent of Democrats desire to see Biden to run in the next presidential election. That figure is even lower among independents — 13 percent.

Perhaps what is worse for Biden, just 34 percent of those who voted for him in the 2020 election want him to run again. The survey also found Biden’s favorably rating under water, as 43 percent view him favorably, compared to 50 percent who do not. His job approval is even worse. Most, 51 percent, disapprove of his job as president, compared to 42 percent who approve of it.

While a majority, overall, indicate they do not want former President Donald Trump to run again, per the poll, unlike Biden, Trump enjoys majority support from his base, as 54 percent of Republicans want him to run for president again in 2024. Further, a majority of those who voted for Trump in 2020 want him to run again as well.


A national Marquette Law School poll released in September found similar results, with almost three in four Americans (72%) saying that they do not want Biden to run again in 2024,.

“While Republicans are unsurprisingly keen on Biden bowing out (88% don’t want him to run again), so too are independents (79% don’t want him to run again). And even among Biden’s Democratic base, his numbers on the question are middling, with 52% saying he should run again and the other 48% saying he should not. Polls conducted over the summer from CNN and the New York Times/Siena College found that large majorities of Democrats wanted to the party nominate someone other than Biden for president in 2024,” CNN reported.

“It’s not immediately clear why so many people in the Marquette poll lean against a Biden reelection bid since the pollster didn’t ask respondents to offer a reason for their skepticism. But past polls have suggested that Biden’s advanced age – he is 79 and will turn 82 shortly after the 2024 election – plays a large factor in doubts Americans have about him serving a second term,” the outlet added.


In January, a poll released by CNN found that a majority of registered Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents think the party should look elsewhere for the 2024 nomination.

The poll asked registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who they believe the party “should nominate as the party’s candidate for president in 2024,” giving them the options of Biden or a different candidate.

Only 45 percent of Democrats said the party should renominate Biden, while a whopping 51 percent said they preferred an alternative. Five percent said they had no opinion on the matter.


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