‘The Five,’ Tucker Carlson Continue to Dominate Cable News Records


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Fox News and popular host Tucker Carlson continue to smash ratings.

AdWeek published the viewership results for cable news shows this week and “The Five” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight” dominated.

“On the cable news programming front, Fox News’ The Five was the most-watched show of the week (3.08 million at 5 p.m.) and the second-most-watched among adults 25-54 (433,000) at 8 p.m. Tucker Carlson Tonight came in second in total viewers (3.05 million at 8 p.m.) and No. 1 among adults 25-54 (483,000). Hannity took No. 3 in total viewers (2.62 million at 9 p.m.) followed by Jesse Watters Primetime at No. 4 (2.54 million at 7 p.m.), and Special Report with Bret Baier at No. 5 (2.245 million viewers at 6 p.m.). Fox News as a network secured the top 18 cable news telecasts for the week among adults 25-54,” AdWeek reported.

Carlson’s show has also been performing well among Democrats in the key demographic of 25-54 year-olds.

Fox News overall dominated the ratings and it wasn’t even close.

“Fox News was the No. 1 basic cable network during the week of June 13, not only in average total viewers but also among adults 25-54. Despite Fox’s rating dominance over cable, its 2.2 million total viewer average in primetime is actually -3% from what the network averaged in the daypart during the week of June 6. FNC also averaged 315,000 adults 25-54 in primetime, which is No. 1 but -12% from the week prior. Moving to total day, Fox News’ 1.36 million total viewer average is -6% from the network posted in the daypart the previous week. FNC also averaged 210,000 adults 25-54 in total day, No. 1 but -7% with the prior week,” AdWeek reported.

“MSNBC ranked No. 2 on basic cable last week with a 1.42 million total primetime viewer average. That’s -1% from what the network averaged in the daypart the previous week. The network also averaged 149,000 adults 25-54, No. 17 on basic cable, and -7% from the prior week. MSNBC’s story was far stronger in total day, thanks to live afternoon coverage of the Jan. 6 committee hearings. The network averaged 882,000 total viewers in total day this past week, No. 2 on basic cable and +17% from the prior week. MSNBC also averaged 100,000 adults 25-54 in total day, which is +20% from the prior week and No. 13 overall on basic cable,” the report continued.

Carlson is hardly the only host on the network smashing records.


Host Greg Gutfeld, who also co-hosts “The Five,” also has his own show that is dominating cable news ratings.

In May, “The Five” was the most-watched show on cable news in both total audience and among the key 25-54 age demographic.

The show averaged nearly 3.28 million total viewers in the 5 p.m. hour during May 2022.

Gutfeld also hosts his weekend late-night show “Gutfeld!” which has been a ratings hit.

Below are the 10 most-watched cable news shows from May:

–Fox News | 5 p.m. /The Five: 3,279,000 / 25 telecasts

–Fox News | 8 p.m. / Tucker Carlson Tonight: 3,233,000 / 22 telecasts

–Fox News | 9 p.m./ Hannity: 2,720,000 / 21 telecasts

–Fox News | 7 p.m./ Jesse Watters Primetime: 2,646,000 / 17 telecasts

–Fox News | 6 p.m. / Special Report with Bret Baier: 2,475,000 / 25 telecasts


–Fox News | 10 p.m./The Ingraham Angle: 2,256,000 / 23 telecasts

–Fox News | 11 p.m./Gutfeld! : 2,001,000 / 23 telecasts

–MSNBC | 9 p.m./The Rachel Maddow Show: 1,950,000 / 9 telecasts

–Fox News | 12 p.m. / Outnumbered: 1,774,000 / 26 telecasts

–Fox News | 9-10 a.m./10-11 a.m./America’s Newsroom: 1,709,000 / 50 telecasts


“People don’t go to entertainment for homework,” Gutfeld said. “You don’t pay for homework. And it feels like there’s been this modern kind of woke culture where everything is being informed with a lesson you have to learn — it’s like, I don’t need to be lectured. I didn’t come here to be told how this is oppression and I have to, like, learn about these things. I came to be entertained.”

“If you’ve been watching my stuff, I spend a lot of time talking about media. Because I know the internal flaws of it. The Gutfeld show became successful because it came at exactly the right time.” he said. “People have had it with being told that every institution in your life is somehow oppressor vs. oppressed.”

Anchor Sean Hannity also recently became the longest-running prime-time cable news host.

Hannity, who has been with Fox News since its launch in 1996, smashed another record after becoming a host for nearly 25 years and six months.

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