Tucker Carlson: ‘These People Are the Danger to Children’


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Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson delivered an explosive segment on Monday night that took dead aim at “selfish politicians.”

During a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he slammed lawmakers for being more of a danger to children than coronavirus.

“You’re sitting on an airplane, you’re taxying down the runway on a trip out of the country. All of a sudden, the plane stops and is surrounded by military police. Armed men storm the aircraft and drag a man from his seat,” Carlson began.

“The man is not a terrorist … he’s a covid criminal. But here’s the thing — this man doesn’t have covid. He was tested right before he got on the airplane and no trace of the virus was found. In the name of public health, he is being forcibly detained,” he added.


“All of this just happened … in the Netherlands, one of the most liberal countries in the world,” he continued.

“What we’re watching here in real-time is the death of democracy. The pretext for all of this is something called ‘omicron,’ that’s the new variant of the coronavirus … dangerous enough to justify a total suspension of our ancient civil liberties for the first time in hundreds of years,” he charged.

“But here’s the amazing thing: Omicron appears to be virtually harmless. In the entire world, there is one recorded death from omicron. In the United States, not a single person has died of omicron. Have they told you that? Probably not,” he said.

“This is the oldest government in American history. It’s also the most powerful. So, you can respect the elderly … but you can also understand that this is not normal,” he said.


“In fact, this is a sign of civilizational decline. They’re not thinking about raising up and nurturing and protecting above all the next generation of Americans. Instead, they’re thinking about themselves,” Carlson continued.

He added: “Chairman Mao did something similar as he aged, he crushed the young. Maybe there’s a syndrome here.”



“According to a study from Brown University, ‘children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic.’ That’s our future and we should be very concerned about it,” he said.

“These people are the danger to children, not covid. But no one’s asking the obvious question: What kinds of adults, what kinds of citizens are we creating with masks and social isolation? Ever heard a politician wonder about that? No. Instead, it’s full speed ahead in the other direction — damn the destruction it causes,” he said.

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