Carlson Wrecks Biden’s Claim About ‘Assault Weapons’ With Stats

Written by Jonathan Davis

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Joe Biden and Democrats during his show Friday for claiming erroneously that so-called “assault weapons” are used often to commit gun murders.

During a mid-show segment, Carlson began by relating a story about a Rhode Island man, Edward Canaglia, who had his firearms seized by police a couple of years ago while he was in the hospital undergoing a psychiatric evaluation following an argument with his wife.

It turned out that Canaglia was pronounced of sound mind and was not a threat to anyone by psychologists who examined him. Nevertheless, police kept the firearms and now the case is before the U.S. Supreme Court.

(Courtesy: Fox News)

“So this case is now before the Supreme Court as it should be. But here’s the remarkable thing, the Biden administration is backing the police officers who stole Edward Canaglia’s guns with no warrant. In fact, the Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to approve of this and make it a precedent,” Carlson said.

“They’re asking for permission to search any home they want, without a warrant and take what they want. Any guns that Joe Biden’s police find will be confiscated in the name of ‘public safety.’ Think about that, it’s almost beyond belief,” he continued. “It should be on the front page of every paper in the country, the ACLU should be fighting it but none of that’s happening.

“According to Joe Biden, firearms are just that dangerous. And most dangerous of all, Joe Biden has told us, including this week, are something called ‘assault weapons,” he added. “Assault weapons are such a threat, Joe Biden says, he’s not going to wait for the Supreme Court. He wants Congress, which his party controls, to pass a total ban on ‘assault weapons.’ That sounds familiar because we did it before—for ten years. And it didn’t work, it didn’t work for a bunch of different reasons.

“First, because no one can define what an ‘assault weapon’ is. Second, not that many people are killed by assault weapons,” Carlson noted further.

Carlson was referencing a 1994 law passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton that banned the sale of new military look-alike weapons for 10 years, though gunmakers found workarounds and continued to sell many of the same types of rifles, just in different configurations.

After a GOP-controlled Congress let the law sunset in 2004 during George W. Bush’s first term, subsequent studies found that the law had no effect on gun crimes and gun-related murders because they simply weren’t the weapons of choice for criminals; that would be handguns. And that is still the case today.

“But Joe Biden doesn’t care,” the host went on. “If you go to Joe Biden’s website, you’ll learn that ‘assault weapons’ are responsible for quote, our gun violence epidemic. They’re ‘weapons of war’ and if you can get them off the streets this country will be a much safer place. Well, that’s a total crock. And not only is it a lie, it’s an appalling lie, contradicted completely by actual evidence,” Carlson said.

Citing FBI data from 2019 that was just released, Carlson noted:

— There were just 364 murders with rifles of all types (not just ‘assault weapons)

— Meanwhile, the same year, some 600 people were killed with fists, feet, and hands

— Knives and other cutting tools were used in 1,476 homicides

Thus, Carlson concluded, based on the Biden Justice Department’s reasoning in the Supreme Court case, “police ought to be able to come into your home and seize your cutlery without a warrant” since knives are used much more often in killings.

The bottom line, of course, is that the Biden regime and Democrats in Congress simply don’t like that Americans can own and possess certain classes of weapons, and they’re coming for them, one way or the other.