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Biden Scolds Reporter For Asking Him Question On Schools Reopening

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not used to facing tough questions from the media and when he gets one he does not like it.

After spending the entirety of his time as vice president rarely facing tough questions he may not be used to reporters having the temerity to give him hard hitting questions.;

But one reporter, Bo Erickson of CBS News, appears to be on journalist who is not planning on giving Biden an easy time, as he showed again on Friday, Fox News reported.

It happened at the end of a meeting between Biden and California Sen. Kamala Harris ith House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Mr. Biden, the COVID task force said it’s safe for students to be in class. Are you going to be encouraging unions to cooperate more to bring kids back to classrooms, sir?” Erickson said in a polite tone.

But Biden apparently did not like the idea of having to talk about the teacher’s unions who have incredible power in the Democrat Party, which led him to lash out at Erickson.

“Why are you the only guy that always shouts out questions?” he said as Pelosi laughed. Erickson was then escorted out of the meeting by security.

It would be interesting to see CNN clutch their pearls about this attack on journalism, but we would not hold our breath waiting for that.

But Erickson was defended by some journalists on Twitter who thought that he asked a legitimate question, because he did, and was not treated fairly.

“President-Elect Biden asks a good question – why is @BoKnowsNews the only one in the Biden pool tossing questions? Schools, vaccines, stimulus – so many important q’s for both @SpeakerPelosi & @JoeBiden,” Paula Reid, a CBS News White House correspondent, said.

“A completely valid and important question asked in a civil tone…deflected by Biden, who may not have understood it because it wasn’t screened by staff first,” Townhall columnist Derek Hunter said.

“Because Bo is trying to do journalism and much of the rest of Biden’s press corps are stenographers,” journalist Zaid Jilani said.

“As we see many other reporters throw softballs at Biden, reporters that ask tough questions of both sides (like Bo) are going to be far more important over the next 4 years,” A.G. Hamilton, a conservative writer, said.

If we are stuck with a Biden administration, and lawsuits are still being worked on so that is not a done deal, Erickson may be the only mainstream media reporter we can count on to ask tough questions.

This is not the first time Biden has had a meltdown and yelled at Erickson when the reporter questioned him.

The last time was when Erickson confronted Biden during his campaign about his son Hunter’s business dealings.

“I know you’d ask it,” Biden shouted at Erickson after he asked about The New York Post story. “I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

It is a change from the softballs Biden is used to and he does not like it.