Former GOP Rep. Chaffetz: Russia Gave Campaign Cash to Biden and Got Exactly What They Wanted

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Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz is sounding the alarm on Joe Biden.

During an interview on Fox News, the former Republican lawmaker said Biden has “violated his own ethics pledge” by taking campaign cash from a Russia lobbyist.

Chaffetz also noted that Russia gave campaign cash to Biden and got exactly what they wanted: Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline in the U.S. and approved a pipeline to be finished in Russia.

“It turns out that Biden, in violation of his own ethics pledge, got campaign cash from a well-known Russian lobbyist ahead of his decision to drop sanctions against Nord Stream 2, the company building an oil pipeline from Russia to Germany,” Hilton began.

“All of this despite Biden’s own State Department admitting that Nord Stream 2, controlled by an ex-East German Stasi officer and close ally of Vladimir Putin, is indeed engaged in sanctionable activity. Jason Chaffetz is here to explain if you can,” Hilton said.

“Joe, say it isn’t so. Come on. You blamed Trump every single step of the way, saying he was embedded in collusion with Russia. Millions of dollars later, there was nothing, they don’t have a single thing on him, but you start looking at the Biden records, and hey, we’re only days into this administration, and guess what?” Chaffetz rhetorically asked.

“He has already violated his own ethics pledge. He has been taking money from people he said he would not take money from. And Russia has gotten exactly what they wanted. They shut down the Keystone Pipeline within days or hours of the administration,” Chaffetz said.

“Meanwhile, Joe Biden wants to go out and allow them to build their own Nord Stream 2 pipeline. It makes no sense, it’s not good for the United States of America, and Joe Biden has done nothing to explain this because, of course, he never gets any tough questions from our national media,” Chaffetz added.

“And it’s Joe Biden himself that set these standards. Look, he had been there for 50 years, he knows exactly how this works. He did not have to take that pledge, but he did that, he tried to sell himself as, ‘Oh, I’m going to be Joe Biden, I am Mr. Ethics,’ but Joe Biden has problems with ethics every single step of the way. He walked out of a previous presidential campaign because of plagiarism. He does not understand this. He lives in this mystical world that I just don’t understand. He set the standard and he violates it within days later,” Chaffetz said.


“I know. I mean, the whole thing is so dishonest. There is this aspect. The whole presidency is dishonest. He is supposed to be this centrist moderate, and yet he’s going far left with economic policies, says he will be clean and not corrupt like Trump and corruption is like going through every appointment,” Hilton said.

“That is why you will have to do a continual weekly segment right here on this show because it is nonstop. So I look forward to joining you in a week or two and we’ll talk about another one,” Chaffetz said.

“Well, it is always great — the great benefit of that, the silver lining in the cloud is that we get to see you. Thank you so much, Jason, for being with us,” Hilton said.

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