Charlie Daniels to Nadler and Dems: I Double Dare You to Call Mueller to Testify, Impeach Trump

Op-Ed by Charlie Daniels / CNSNews

Robert Mueller’s summation of his investigation of President Trump has – at least in my opinion – actually created more questions than it has answered.

His admission of not being able to prove or disprove obstruction of justice either speaks to gross incompetence or nothing to be found, and his willingness to make the strange statement, “If we had been able to prove the president innocent of obstruction, we would have said so,” has cast a shadow of total uncertainty over his entire two-year fiasco.

If Trump is guilty, I want him held accountable, but if he is not – and if the treasure and effort Mueller expended over the last two years have not been able to prove guilt – how else is it going to be proven. He should be considered exonerated and, finally, and at last, allowed to conduct the business of the nation without constant irritation from camera-drunk empty suits like Adam Schiff, the shrill nonsense of young socialist revolutionaries and the maniacal ravings of Maxine Waters.

Now, let’s flip the coin over. America also has the right to know how and why this whole thing started, if it was based on a Democrat-commissioned fairy tale dossier, and if the FISA court granted four separate warrants on the strength of said dossier.

If this was the case, a very stringent law, created to spy on foreign nationals, not American citizens has been violated, and if FISA warrants are going to be granted to spy on Americans, what keeps our intelligence and law enforcement agencies from obtaining warrants to spy on anybody they want to in secret.

The possibilities are endless and horrifying.

This debacle has cast a pall of suspicion over what has always been considered the most efficient and trustworthy federal agency in existence, the FBI, and in the process blackened the reputation of thousands of honest and dedicated rank and file men and women who make up the bulk of the agency.

So, the only fair thing to do is bring Robert Mueller to Congress, swear him in, and let both sides of the aisle have at him. And it must not be done behind closed doors. Those of us who pay the taxes that finance such things have had enough of this sub rosa crap. Let the sunshine in.

Mueller would be able to explain exactly what he is talking about, and Congress will be able to ask him if he relied on any of the information in the dossier, why the makeup of his investigative team was Hillary supporters, and why, if he was really looking for Russian collusion, he did not investigate the FISA abuses.

I think that Adam Schiff should also be called to testify, as he has claimed for two years that evidence of collusion exists to his knowledge. Let him present the evidence. What better place than a congressional hearing.

Let’s get everything out in the open and see once and for all where the fault lies and who should be held responsible, and if necessary, punished.

Mueller has said that he doesn’t intend to testify again, but if he doesn’t, this conundrum cannot ever be resolved to the satisfaction of the American people.

Regardless of whether he does or whether he doesn’t, the situation puts the Democrats in a quandary.

If Mueller does testify, it will mean that some disturbing facts could come out, especially when paired with the facts that will be exposed by the Barr investigation.

If he doesn’t testify, he has made the statement that his report is his testimony, which in essence, clears President Trump.

So whatcha gonna do, Nadler? Are you going to bring Mueller to the stand to explain his strange statements for one and all?

Whatcha gonna do, Democrats? Are you going to impeach?

I double dare ya.

Can you imagine being able to throw a rock through the House of Representatives and not hit a single Democrat?

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

— Charlie Daniels

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