Chatter Of 25th Amendment Erupts After Joe Biden’s Comments On Russia


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Talk of using the 25th Amendment to possibly remove President Joe Biden from the White House erupted on social media after Biden made a slew of comments about escalation regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As an example, Biden told American troops at an event in Poland that they were going to see the “backbone” and “guts” of the Ukrainian people “when you’re there,” suggesting the U.S. was putting boots on the ground in Ukraine

Biden also ended his speech on Saturday in what many believed to be a reference to regime change in Russia and getting rid of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Putin, the president said, “For God’s sake this man cannot remain in power.”

The White House immediately cleaned up Biden’s mess, saying: “The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change.”

This led to several prominent figures on Twitter mentioning the 25th Amendment.

“Now Biden — ONCE AGAIN — begins with some stupid stab at humor. This is so unnerving having this man ‘lead’ the free world at this point. This isn’t my political side speaking. This is objectively dangerous, and a host of other bad things,” columnist and author David Limbaugh observed Saturday.

“Honestly, the 25th Amendment was crafted for just such a situation as we are now in with Biden,” Limbaugh asserted. “Yet at least two things militate against this from happening. 1) His handlers are running things anyway, and 2) [Vice President] Kamala [Harris], though not mentally incompetent — just stupid — could be worse.”


“Yesterday, Biden said American troops have been fighting in Ukraine & more are headed to fight there,” author Max Abrahms tweeted Saturday. “Today, Biden said the goal of U.S. policy to Russia is regime change. Recall, the media called for the 25th amendment when Trump sipped water or walked down ramps carefully.”

“Imagine President Trump had inexplicably told U.S. troops they were deploying to fight Russia,” foreign policy analyst Clint Ehrlich echoed. “Really imagine it! All we’d be hearing is that he’s mentally unfit and must be removed under the 25th Amendment. Joe Biden did the same thing today. But the media has his back…”

Host and commentator Jack Posobiec commented, “Take the keys away,” after Biden seemingly telling troops they’re going to Ukraine.

“Biden is a puppet,” he wrote. “No one thinks he is making the decisions. Just declares war on Russia and keeps talking like nothing happened. Take the keys away.”

“Where are the 25th amendment adherents?” retired combat vet Rob Maness queried.


Without invoking the 25the Amendment, others commented on Biden’s “dangerous” commentary in Europe.

“If it weren’t so dangerous, it would be hilarious that Biden, for all his supposed expertise in foreign affairs, somehow sees fit to ad lib remarks that depart dramatically from policy,” legal expert Ed Whelan said.

“This is the third time this week Biden has seemed to accidently change his administration’s entire policy on Russia and Ukraine (sanctions, chemical weapons, troops in Ukraine),” the RNC’s Tommy Pigott wrote.

“The situation is too dangerous for these types of mistakes,” he added. “They needed to clarify this ASAP.”

“Biden’s mental state isn’t funny, it’s extraordinarily dangerous,” podcast host Brady Leonard asserted. “Any time he opens his mouth the WH has to walk back whatever it is he just said.”

“President Biden calling for regime change in Russia, then the White House ludicrously saying that’s not what we all heard him just say, is an incredibly dangerous mistake which Putin will ruthlessly exploit,” host Piers Morgan said.

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