Leo Terrell Calls For Investigations of BLM, Accuses Leaders Of Misleading Black Community


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Civil rights attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell said Tuesday there should be investigations by Congress and state officials into Black Lives Matter’s use of some $90 million in donations after former Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation leader Patrisse Cullors claimed a day earlier that any allegations the group misused those funds are untrue.

“They use their color to exploit and this is very important: corporations handed them this money. So what needs to happen is congressional hearings,” Terrell told “Fox & Friends.”

“Every state in this country, the attorney general needs to call them in. Basically, they need to sell all those homes and return the money because they have done nothing for the Black community at all. It is a game. They have schemed the Black community and they received over $90 million,” he added.



According to previous reports, the group’s founders including Cullors have made multimillion-dollar purchases of homes and property spanning the past couple of years.

The most recent controversial purchase involved a $6 million home in California, as reported by the New York Post:

Black Lives Matter bought a swanky Southern California home for nearly $6 million using donation cash, according to a report…

Three leaders of the social justice movement — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah — recorded a video last June outside the “secretly bought” home while marking the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, New York magazine reported.

Cullors at the time said she was weeks removed from being in “survival mode” after The Post’s exclusive reporting in April revealed her purchase of four high-end US homes for $3.2 million.

“It’s because we’re powerful, because we are winning,” Cullors said, characterizing the scrutiny as right-wing media attacks. “It’s because we are threatening the establishment, we’re threatening white supremacy.”

The Post added regarding the $6 million buy: “The property was purchased in October 2020 with funds that had been donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.”

Cullors resigned as head of the BLM global arm in May 2021 amid rising criticism after she bought three homes in the Los Angeles area as well as a fourth outside Atlanta.


At the time, the $6 million purchase had not been previously reported. BLM officials tried to hide the existence of the purchase from a journalist who was looking at the transaction, New York Magazine reported.

The group actually tried to “kill” the story about the home, referred to in internal documents as the “campus,” while a strategy memo reportedly tried suggesting that the home was to be used as an “influencer house” where artists could meet.

The Post added:

The residence was purchased with the intention for it to serve as “housing and studio space” for recipients of the Black Joy Creators Fellowship, BLMGNF board member Shalomyah Bowers told the magazine in a statement Friday.

The foundation had “always planned” to disclose the home’s legal filings this May and it doesn’t serve as anyone’s personal residence, Bowers said.


But the statement did not spell out why little content has been produced there over some 17 months if it was in fact intended to be a creative space, according to the report.

In the wake of the suspicious purchases, others have also called for the group to be investigated, including Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).

“The disturbing information that we are learning is more than enough to warrant an investigation from the DOJ — and doubtless not the end of all there is to know,” Issa told Fox News last month as he called on the Biden Justice Department to look into whether any laws governing charitable donations were violated.


“This definitely has the suggestion of misappropriation of charitable funds and an abuse of our nonprofit laws,” he added.

Cullors has denied any wrongdoing.

“I want to be clear: While I will always see myself as a part of the BLM community, I am no longer in leadership and I am not a part of any decision-making processes within the foundation,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.

“I have never misappropriated funds, and it pains me that so many people have accepted that narrative without the presence of tangible truth or facts.”

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