CNN Brazil Reporter Bruna Macedo Robbed At Knifepoint During Live Segment

In what might be the craziest thing seen all week, a CNN reporter was robbed during a live segment.

CNN Brazil reporter Bruna Macedo was robbed at knifepoint Sunday in the middle of a live segment in Sao Paolo, according to reports and video footage of the event.

Macedo was reporting on the increased water levels at the Bandeiras Bridge.

While she is conducting her segment, a suspicious man is seen in the background watching.

Then, all of a sudden, he eventually approaches her.

The man pulls out a knife just after Macedo greets him, and she is seen backing away and handing over two cell phones.

CNN Brazil cut the feed mid-theft, according to the video footage.

“It was impossible to understand at the time what was happening if it was a homeless person passing by. But after what happened, we cut the image,” CNN’s Rafael Colombo, who was commentating when the event occurred, said afterward. “He threatened and she handed over a cell phone, but he knew she had two because she has a private and a corporate one.”

Macedo “had a terrible scare” but “is fine” and did not get injured, Colombo added.


The horrifying attack scorched across social media.